Monday, January 23, 2012

Belly painting

It has been a lot of fun being pregnant with my sister, Danielle (only due a couple of weeks apart), and to think about our little ones being able to grow up together. We decided to do something a little different and incorporate our other sister as well. Belly painting. Lauren, the artest, took time out of her birthday celebration day to do the honors.
What I wasn't expecting was it to be so cold but then as it dried SO ITCHY! this picture maybe halfway joking but that part was still was not fun.
It felt almost unbearable as I couldn't touch it and had to just pace as I waited until Danielle was done so we could take some pics!
I tried to get Zoe to get in on the action as well....but seeing as she was not feeling all that well, it was a challenge....she wouldn't turn around in this one.
But we were able to get some good ones none the less...
She loves to kiss the "baby" even during times when she doesn't want to kiss mommy.
We are looking to all the fun to come with our growing families!
They turned out pretty well! Something fun and different. And thanks Aaron for your photo lenses and skills! What a blessing to have such a talented brother-in-law.

Monday, January 9, 2012

I actually did some pins!

So for awhile my addiction became pinterest, being inspired by all those creative juices out there....but, alas, I was not able to create anything from it due to the business (and sickness) of life. However, Christmas gave me the push (including having to stay up late to do things) to create some of my first projects. I love being able to make meaningful gifts that will hopefully be cherished in the years to come! Zoe got to be a helper in some of them...which she was not a fan of at all!
After painting her hand for a hand print, she declared it was yucky and no longer liked the idea of helping. Always fun having to convince a toddler that what they are thinking is an awful experience, really isn't that bad....and getting the perfect print from it....let's just say I'm glad we had more than one paper to practice with!
Somebody was happy to be all done, though, and luckily I had Beach to help!
I waited until the little one was in bed to do the next part!

The Grands seemed to love the outcome!

The next project....making coasters for my sister, with her adorable niece! First time working with stuff but a little stressful! You have to actually blow out the bubbles with a straw...or a blow torch...which was not an option for me....needless to say I was very lightheaded after an hour of this.
Yeah, they take 72 hours to completely dry....good thing we had all those shot glasses for the extra to drip and dry from.....finally used them for something.
Beach and I, also, took some pictures and made some framed prints...which was actually a lot harder than I thought. Little Ms. Smiles did anything but and did not want to sit still or hold her sign. We got many pictures that looked like this (or worse):

Which the caption, "I think my parents are crazy and this is to stressful!" However, with much trying and praying we were able to get one good shot of each! I was really happy how they turned out!

"Bakuk" by the way, is the name Zoe calls my mom (instead of Grammy). We have no idea how or why she came up with it (esp. since she does not do this with other words) but is very clear that is who she is speaking about.
Now to find the time for the next pin project...hummmm....with baby on the way that maybe awhile! :-)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The things people say...

I think it is so funny the things people will say to you without thinking. They seem to love to comment on Zoe's lack of hair, which is usually followed by some story of how they knew someone or were related to someone who was bald until they were two and then got such thick hair. I smile every time, as if I hadn't heard such, and let them know that I, too, was bald until I was two. This week, though, I had our check out clerk ask if I shaved Zoe's head. Hummmm, not sure why she would even think that I would want to do such.  That was a first.
Now people love to comment on your body when your pregnant! If they think your big or little in the process, and may even want to touch you.  As I was walking out of my gym class, one of the regular guys noted that he could see my beer belly growing.  Got to love it when you have to pretend others are funny....esp. at your own expense.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Progressive Christmas

We are always out of town for Christmas but I'm not sure how long that will be able to last as our family begins to grown. So we decided to try something a little different this year. We had a progressive dinner with my family which turned out to be a lot of fun. That way we shared in the work and were able to enjoy each others Christmas decorations a bit more!
The Russells kicked it off with their yummy salad!
Not the best family pictures but wanted to include everyone!
My parents house was next.....always a masterpiece!
Then on to our house for the last course and presents. We forgot to take a picture of the real deal, as it was so good it was quickly eaten. But Beach definitely redeemed himself from last year's cheesecake (where he forgot to add the sugar - not quite the same!).
Zoe enjoyed helping to open presents this year...
and even got a moving rocking horse from her grandparents (which she calls a dragon for some odd reason). I'm not sure who was more excited....her or Poppy!
They liked our gifts to them as well!
Beach got worn out and fell asleep....all that work on the cheesecake finally caught up with him.
The "Beach sleeping pose"
Zoe outlasted him though! Fun times had by all...may have to do this every year!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Florida Chirstmas

It was another wonderful Florida Christmas....well.....beside those HOURS in the car with a toddler and Beach, Zoe and I all being sick. It was however, a great time to see family, rest and remember the reason for the season.
Beach didn't take anytime to get some rest in!
Walked in to see his funny position for a mid morning nap....he works so hard I'm glad he finally got to rest! Meanwhile some of us got to enjoy the warm outdoors!
We spent Christmas Eve with Mom's side of the family with our awesome host (and bestower of many gifts for Zoe!):
Zoe got to spend some good time with her family and seeing GiGi again (great grandma)!
Danielle and I finally remembered to take a sister pregnancy picture! The bumps are growing!
Christmas day brought yet another feast with Dad's side of the family.
Amazing decor and a time of sharing favorite memories of Christmas past.
Then finally....the little ones was nice that they let their mama's enjoy their meal in peace.
This picture cracks me up! I'm glad Zoe does not normally look like this!
One beautiful day we got to see some manatees. They have an exhibit by a plant in Brandon.
There were tons of them and some came pretty close!
We even got to touch a couple....Zoe was not impressed.My little Zo was not feeling well at all and wanted to be held...a just her momma. (She does not seem to care that I was already caring another little one!
Four generations of love right there!

In visiting my cuz with her own son just a couple weeks younger than Zoe, she suggested going by the beach....and so glad she did!!!!

I think my girl loves the beach just as much as I do!
Running without a fence to keep one awesome!
Time to make aunt Lauren run, too!
They also had a park right off the beach that the kids loved....they esp. enjoyed staring at the ground while swinging.
We got to spend a few days at my mom's side in her retirement community. Zoe learned quickly how to fit in.
She loves her Grammy (and getting to spend days on end with her!)
Off to the park for some fun:
Dad didn't want to be outdone.
Gotta love those FL sunsets and winters!
And Zoe holding my hand and not crying that her Grammy wasn't there.
Aunt Lauren is pretty fun too!
All good things must end, though. Poor Zoe, she just didn't understand why she had to be restrained in a seat for so long and let us know with her crying and screaming (and I thought several times that I could never do this again!) She finally was able to get some rest but the only way that could happen was if momma held her head. With a face like that, how could I not!