Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Marching On in 2015

I couldn't be more happy to see spring come in with some warmer weather, especially since I will be able to enjoy it more now that I'm home!
(I didn't get a chance to add these pictures in to the previous month, but I wanted to remember this special time....The Russell's capture great moments of a great celebration.)  Adalyn had her Ladybug Girl birthday party in all its cuteness.
With story readings from the pro.
Yumm buggy treats.
An adorable Bumblebee boy.
Fun photo booth photo opts.
 Bumblebee cousins.  (Can you tell how much Ez loves his outfit!)
And crazy sisters.
Finding a window to play in means only one thing...Kiosk time...."What can I get ya?" 
Beach was so excited to have a long lost friend visit....and meet the kiddos.
After getting the girls settled one evening, I walk into the living room to find this!  Oh my boys!
Dr. Seuss' Birthday at the library, complete with make-your-own mustache. 
Let's head to the zoo with some friends!
Shiloh is really into posing for the camera these days, to bad Sammie couldn't show her how to do it.  #pro
Ezra is doing awesome on zoo trips, great weather and snacks....what's not to love!
By far Shiloh's favorite part of the zoo....these big rocks!
Although the aquarium is always a hit too!
Silly mommy waited until hours after we got there and way past nap time to try to capture a picture of the two siblings...crack me up!
How about a picture of the boys awake!
I've been able to keep up with working out about three times a week at home.  Fortunately, little Shiloh makes this possible being content to play by herself during Ezra's nap time, occasionally jumping in to workout with me!  I truly miss my group x-classes, but thankful for finding this grove for this season of our lives!
In that we didn't open the kids gifts at their Frozen Bash...we did so later that night (after naps!)

It was nice to go a little slower and enjoy all the treasures!

If Ezra is asleep when I get Zo off the bus, I like to attempt to do her homework outside.
She likes to attempt such on the table!  The freedom of not having siblings around.
Such a sweet friend!  We enjoyed our Rene time with a walk!
And playground fun!
Clearly I put her to work with my kids (OK, not so much - she is just thoughtful to jump in there with them!)
With her amazing skills, Rene, also captured these sweet sweet pictures of my littlest two!
 I love them!  You can find her face book page here!
Seriously getting these to sit still, even for a moment...is no small task!
So you may have seen a picture of two (or countless) of my girls with bath towels on their heads.  They have been pretending for years that this was their hair, as both the girls are challenged in his area.  Until now!  
A thoughtful friend hooked it up with some "real" hair that the girls have had a blast in!  I mean....it's just too funny!
They even go out in public.
And enjoy playing games at the library.
Or just having fun eating dinner.
The Wildlife Sanctuary close to where we live has an open house once a year.
It's a great way for them to raise funds and supplies and for us to see their hard work up close!
We, also, found that they had some fun nature crafts and activities outside!
The staff there were great and encouraged a love for the animals and outdoors...including helping to build and big "nest"!
Our church had an Easter Eggstravaganza again this year.  The kids had a great time!
I'm hoping to be more freed up from littles in the years to come to help out more.  I struggle with this balance of wanting to be able to give more of myself, yet being so stretched as it is with them!  I know Beach could handle taking care of the three out and about, but I also know it would cause him a lot of stress, A LOT, at this point with their ages.  Hoping this will ease for a season!
Thankful for good times and great friends!