Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sweaty December days (2015)

Trying to slow down this time of year is no small task!  But it was important to me and I wanted to fully embrace Advent, the waiting on our Savior, so I let a lot of other things go.
I did enjoy some dates with my with my princess and her crown at the art museum. 
Another with a lunch date with her friends at school!
I had good intentions of daily advent activities with the littles.  However, I didn't want to be rushed and stressed, so we only ended up making a couple, which they all greatly enjoyed.
Zoe had her big girl performance with SCCDT!
I'm not going to lie.....I was beyond nervous on how Shiloh would take sitting still for over 2 hours.  She did amazing (overall).  I knew Ez would never make it, at his age, so Poppy sacrificed and stayed home with him.
Some before pictures showing Shiloh's personality!
It's wonderful that they don't have to buy their costumes but sad that I don't actually get to take a picture of her wearing it.  She posed none the less with her beloved flowers!  Cutest little mouse!
She was blessed to have her Grammy there an aunt come to town for the show! 
Daddy was glad to see his little princess too!
Christmas at Chick-fil-a....and a picture of Zoe making a funny face when he came to hug her.
The loving boy slowed down a minute to play "night night" with his cousin. She could play for over an hour...him less than 60 seconds but momma was fast in capturing a picture of this one!
He, also, adores his Poppy, and in case you couldn't tell, the felling is mutual.  My dad always wanted to have a boy, too, at least he got one grandboy out of the deal!
How crazy warm has this month been at times.  Soaking up the sun!
And when momma brought a raisin snack to eat outside, apparently this is the best position to take part.
I can't say how excited I am that the littles are old enough to help out with things!  They made this fruit salad pretty much on their own before guests arrived! 
Beach seems to be working non-stop this season.  BUT so thankful when we can squeeze in brief moments with him!  
A Maximized Living Christmas party complete with chili and healthy desserts!
We love this place!
So we don't "do" Santa but couldn't pass up this cute picture opportunity!
Library cousin date, candy cane reindeer style.
One of my favorite things is to be in Zoe's class.  There is a big part of me that misses being around her all the time, so to get small glimpses of how she spends her day and who is around her is a treat!
For their holiday celebration I got to help make reindeer treats.  Bonus treat that daddy was able to come in and help, too!  This littles face just lite up to see that!
I have never seen a little boy love cars as much as Ezra does.  Almost always has one in hand and has been studying how they work for months!
Breakfast in Bethlehem at a near by church with friends!
They had a great time decorating cookies and making crafts.
I love that they tell the story of Christ's birth.  Ezra amazed me and sat down with the big kids!  It was brief but thankful his attention span is growing!
Pappy came to support, as little man is not into making crafts and more into running around, and momma can't handle all that in such a space herself.
Later that evening we headed to the country to another church drive-in event.
The girls were excited to get their concession tickets. 
And of course attack some bounce houses. 
Much coaching to overcome the fear for out cautious one, but she was able to finally make the big jump and enjoyed the slide!
The drive in part was a disappointment, as we couldn't see anything where they had us park.  It was an act of amazing backing up skills that Beach apparently possesses that we were even able to get out of that place.  Great idea but we ended up watching our movie at home.
One weekend some type of nasty cold wiped daddy out.  I wanted to decorate the Frozen cookie palace together but thought I would give it a go without him. 
Some of the parts were doable for them.
Others parts not so much....but they enjoyed attempting.
However, when I looked away while Zoe was icing from a bag, she managed to squeeze a big pile onto her head from the top.  I snapped this pic after I stopped laughing and scraped most of it off (and put it back in the bag - I mean we only had so much to use and I was afraid I would run out.   A mommas gotta do what a mommas got to do)!
The completed masterpiece. 
Ahhhh date night, how I have missed you!  Thankful for a groupon that was about to expire for an excuse to get out!
So apparently I was confused and ordered this as an appetizer.  It gave us some good laughs and it was fun bringing one home for the kids to examine!
Then we got to see a movie!  It's been a couple of years and Stars Wars was a great choice!  
I'm not sure how I was able to do advent activities each day with the kids in the past.  One night, we talked about the gifts the magi brought and I got out the oils for the kiddos to smell.  Apparently Ez really liked the myrrh, as he kept trying to eat it!
While we waited for daddy to come home on Christmas Eve we made dough ornaments.  Ezra loves getting in on the action with his sisters!
Later we survived a candlelight service at sister's church (anything with the littles can be a challenge).
Then we warmed up with soup at mom's house....excited about the next morning to come....and reflecting on all our blessings!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Oh How I Love you nap time!

I get the privilege to rock and nurse this sweet boy into a nap almost everyday.  This is not lost on me, as previously when I was working I missed these treasured moments.  Shiloh gives us some space (before she gets her own special one on one time) so we can have some quiet together.
My little baby is not so little and I hope he will always be able to get some comforting from his momma!  I must kiss him at least 20 times before putting him in his crib, so very very thankful!  Sleep in peace my momma is off to grab a quick nap of her own!