Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Let the holiday season begin!

Let the Christmas season begin with all the fun that it brings!  The last couple of years we have gone so Saluda Sholes the Monday before Thanksgiving.
They kick off their holiday lights with a Turkey Trot, where you can enjoy walking and taking in all the sights!  
As much as we were smiling then, we almost didn't make it, and I was in tears earlier from the rough day that it had been.  So thankful for this gracious man that helped support me and we made it there!
Also, thankful that we caught up with my sister and her family, as both Beach's and my camera ran out of battery!
Sister picture (although we did miss the rest of the family)!
It was a cold night so we really bundled up!
But did let the girls out for a couple of fun pictures!
I scored a great deal on some Nutcracker tickets, so I thought it would be worth trying to take the girls to see it!  Thankful that my mom was able to come too!
We managed to get there early for some great seats up front.  I was hoping this would help the attention level if they could see well!
I attempted to take a group shot but this was the best I could get.....after explaining to Shiloh that she was not to lick her shoe for our picture!
What a great use of their Aunt Lauren's flower girl dresses!
The kids really wanted to see the show from the balcony, so at intermission we found a good spot up top.
It was an amazing show and interesting seeing it from a different view point!
I sure do love my girls and our special date time!
So thankful that my amazing mom could join us!
Afterwords the kids were ecstatic to meet some of the dancers!
And even Clara!  This has renewed Zoe's interest in dance even more!

It is somewhat fun not having a baby to worry about breaking the ornaments, so that all the kids can participate in decorating!
They all enjoyed it greatly!
Shiloh, especially, loved it and has proceeded to decorate the house with various things since!
We are fully welcoming any glitter and twinkling that this season holds!  Bring it December!

Friday, November 25, 2016

So much to be thankful for (November '16)

It finally feels more like fall and we can wear some long sleeves this November.  
Columbia got a Costco store and we became members during a great promotion that they were having (snagged this picture from their website).
I also went on Mom's morning, where they were serving breakfast and such.  Let's be real though, if I hadn't run into this lovely lady and had a chance to catch up, I would not have enjoyed the crazy day to much!
Latter in the day, things were looking better after some prayer and sharing some of the Loveland caffeine with a friend!
Zoe has always loved leaves and throwing them.  She truly is a delight in how she gets so much joy out of everything!
Ezra didn't realize that this was a thing to throw leafs and got pretty excited himself!
Hooray for wonderful afternoons, now when am I going to find the energy and time to do all the needed leaf pick up!
Daddy snuck in a lunch date with Zoe at school (since I wasn't there all that was took was one blurry picture).
Nap times can still be a struggle, as this little 4-year-old still needs them at times.  I have found that the best chance of this happening is for me to snuggle with her, thus ensuring that she is not playing and out of her bed ;-)
Zoe may be my mini me but she does have some of her daddy in her!
It was fun getting to watch Zoe perform with her class during a PTA meeting....she was adorable!
Sometimes if daddy is taking up the whole couch during movie night, you just make do.

I have to say we are in a sweet season where the girls will let us sleep in some on Saturdays.....however there is a limit before they join us in bed.

They love taking silly selfies!
This Saturday called for sunny weather...and wind but I thought that wouldn't be a big deal.
 We took a picnic to the lake....and I understood why there was really no one else around!
 It was crazy windy and difficult to even eat....comically really!
  The views were still amazing and we had a fun (quick) time!
  It was a joke attempting to take a family selfie....between the sun and wind the kids were over it!
Another Saturdays Zoe wanted a matching t-shirt day!  Enjoyed watching the Gamecocks play a bit (it's serious business apparently).

Trying out daddy's shoes!
The swap is back!!!!
Zoe had a great time at HiWire at a friend's birthday party. 
Extra special with her good friend there!
During a co-op day with my sister, I saw on my FB memories a picture from four years ago of some cute littles that we love.  I had her recreate the scene, as it was to adorable not too!
Ezra has enjoyed attempting to ride his sister's bike these days.
Another day for jumping!
Election day, and while Shiloh was in school, I had two little buddies that came to see the process.
Ears and all they did a great job!  Here's to much prayers for our country (regardless of the winners).
Daddy gives awesome hugs!  #longlegs
This picture cracks me up....Zoe always enjoys attempting to prove how she is stronger then me.  This day it was with attempting to push up my leg...silly girl!

Daddy had the idea of creating a fort in the girls room, where we ate popcorn and read books.
The next day was Thanksgiving, so the girls and dad camped out.  He was so sweet to do that but it hurt his back so much that I doubt this will happen again for a long time!
I have come to really look forward to and savor our Thanksgiving traditions!  Kicking it off with the Macy's Day Parade!
Made our Thanks Rolls together, and Beach helped me in making our fresh cranberry sauce.
We had a great time at my parent's house (the dad's did some reading while we finished getting everything ready).
The kid table is working out well for us!
My little 4-year-old turkey lover!
Don't mind if I do!
Dad and his selfie skills....some were tortured by having to wait to dig in!
Some of our thanks slips after our rolls!
When the dinner was cleared I had some Christmas crafts for the littles!
And took some selfies myself with them.
I say that it was widely enjoyed!
The next day we had Thanksgiving again with Beach's family.  They even had a kid's table set up there as well!
Grins all around and so much much to be thankful for!