Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another new year...welcome 2013 (and the rest of Jan.)

I've never been one to make big new years goals...but there is something about a fresh new calendar. 
A time of newness, starting over, gearing back up.  And it can be good to stop and reflect on how your moving forward.  I want to be more intentional overall and am setting goals to do so. 
This pic has nothing to do with that...just thought this cup was a hoot (wait...who even uses that word - not me in real life)!  Yes, this is what my hubby makes coffee for me in on our way to a busy birthday party.

But for real, who's complaining about Beach's mad skills...if I can get up early enough to make it to the best coffee in know I'm stopping by.
Nothing better to start your day off with and being reminded of the love.
 We got to go to a fun couple of birthday parties.  Love this of Zoe and her bud, Maya. 
She quiet enjoyed being in charge of her own shopping cart all by herself at Edventure.
This little cautious spirit took awhile to try the bar at a little gym party, but once she did....headed back to it every time she could!  I love to see her grow and challenge herself!  The mom in me, also, loves that she is cautious and wants to be safe.
Although, when this thing blew up, she crawled to me as fast as she could!
A couple of days after the party, Zoe demonstrated her new somersault skill.  She loves it and is so proud of herself, doing them down the hallway. 
So my little is scooting around really well now!  I don't think she will craw, as her own method is proving to be quiet successful for her!  It is hilarious to watch and she is so happy to be getting around and trying to keep up with her big sister!
Shiloh can be a very intense child.  I have no idea where she gets that from ;-)~ She is so funny the way that she balls her fist up and shakes her whole body.  It's as if she can't stand all the energy the she has that it just has to go somewhere.  She loves to give me these big sloppy kisses with her mouth open.  The other day she did it so intensively that she actually left a little hickey on my chin.  Crazy girl.
Have you read this amazing book yet.  It is awesome and a part of our nightly routine.  Zoe has been captivated by it for over a year now.  She has a great attention span!
Zoe has really been into test every boundary lately, encouraging mom to work on her sanctification process.  She has pushed me to find new creative ways to try to get her to listen.  A great reminder that, yes, she is only two.
Family Christmas time with Beach's family - somebody please remind me to take better pictures during family get togethers!
Any time that it is warm outside in the winter I try to take advantage of it and soak it up.
This day was especially nice, as it fell on a Sunday and Daddy was home!
Zoe's first water color paintings!  I think she enjoyed it!!
Since she got sick in December, Shiloh pretty much won't go to sleep unless I'm right there beside her. This has made things pretty rough for her momma in getting anything done.  Her nap time use to mean my work's been a hard month in that regards.  But the huge bonus is I get to stair at this amazing creature!  
Zoe, on the other hand, enjoys pretend sleeping.  She is a nut, and I love it!
As I have mentioned, money has been tight, as well as Beach and I's time together.  When he heard me mention that I had never been to the Mellow Mushroom, he saved up all his "good behavior points" (OK that is clearly not what they call them but that is basically what they are) and turned them in when he left work so that he could take me there.  He is such a sweet man.
It was a special night indeed with this amazing love. 
Yep, I would say we are starting this year off right!

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Coffee is Brewing

So it has been about a month since the kiosk has been open!  A month of trying to feel our own new grove and be able to pay back some of the money loaned to get this party started.  We have had a pretty good response and are really working on getting the word out.  There are things that need to be tweaked, like our hours and how Beach and I work as a team...but we are getting there.
This is a new space, owning your own business...having to depend on sales coming in to support your livelihood   Well, sort of.  
What brings me hope, and back from my fears is the remembrance of God's faithfulness.  There are times I question, "Is this really going to work?"  Times I think, "I really don't like this.  It is so MUCH work!  I wish the hubby could just work a normal 8-5 job, like he used to and we could have so much time back together as a family (and I could also have help with keeping up the house)."  But then I remember how much he HATED his job and how down he was while working there, as if the life had been sucked out of him.  Not a place you want to live.  I remember all that the Lord has shown us to provide and get this adventure going.  I remember that there is NO PLACE I rather be than in the middle of God's peace and trusting in him, despite how hard it is!  
So I suppose I'm not depending on the daily sales at all but on the creator of the universe....that feels much better!

We have been blessed by a lot of IG and Facebook support.  You can follow me on IG at Bjessa and Beach at lovelandcoffee.  It's also nice to know that people are enjoying the goods!  It is such a blessing for us to be able to reach others in this way, as we just don't have the funds to pay for different advertisements at this point.  And we have been on the news a few times!  What, what....truly how awesome is our God.  Check out these stories:

Oh, and a friend did this funny Commercial that is great and another did a blog giveaway with an amazing Espresso Cookie recipe!  

Up next....Beach is working on putting together a cold brew packaging for the spring (this stuff is amazing!) and some espresso bar wedding catering.  Did I mention we were busy, but in the best kind of way!