Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Most of the bi-polarness of December

So December was a month full of mixed feelings.  On one hand there was a big piece of me that attempted not to feel sorry for myself and frustrated, as there was always someone in the family that was sick everyday (until right up to Christmas) which prohibited us from doing many things that I would have liked to do.  With all the things available, I crave such fun times with the family. 
However, I did manage to squeeze some festive times with the littles, like working on this school project with Zoe that she truly enjoyed...Dressing up her gingerbread girl. 
We were also able to make it to a drive through nativity scene (can't spread germs that way).  Shiloh exclaimed, "It is just like Super Book (her Bible cartoon) with John the baptist!" Although Zoe burst into tears upon reaching the end, as she was not able to see Jesus from where she was sitting.
How I managed to do an activity and advent lesson almost everyday last December with Zoe is beyond me now!
I did cherish the quiet moments that I had in preparing my own  heart for advent.
It is always fun seeing family from out of town!  We got together with Beach's second cousins.
Most of our littles (Zoe was at dance class).
Speaking of dance....Zoe adores it now.  She was so excited for us to come and see her little "show",  basically some of the things that she had been doing in her class.
She is such a great listener and her "I want to do the right thing" really shone through.
Her teacher is beautiful and looks just how you would picture a ballerina.
Daddy was pretty proud!  There were no pictures with mommy, as this was the day that I was really sick BUT I was not about to miss her show!
She was very happy that Grammy could come.  Grammy was a big reason why she could go to dance this year, as she took her each week for me.  I was not able to do so with my work schedule and then having to nurse Ezra when I got home.
Zoe was under the impression that everyone got roses after you dance and was very sad that she was not given any.  I could barely hold myself up, much let get a flower.
But on the way home we stopped by the store and Zo was able to pick out her own.  She was ecstatic.  Although later she did ask why most people had there's before the show and she got hers after. Ha!
What!  There is sun out there!  I need to be in it and soak up the Vitamin D....this little friend joined me when I was reading up on our new Christmas gift.
Zoe's dance class preformed for the Lowmen Home one Tuesday night.
I was a little nervous about it, as Zoe can be really candid and just not talk to others that she doesn't like.  However, she did well in her dance and handing out the Christmas cards that she made for the residents afterwards.
Shiloh had a hard time with me taking Zoe to dance that night, as she had wanted to go, too.  When I got home I found that she had dressed up on her own. 
I love when they love each other!
I was able to make it to my (last) Christmas work party.  I work with some very special ladies!
Of course we had to have a fun game planned by the party planner herself. 
I will greatly miss seeing these amazing ladies on a regular basis!
An event that I was excited to make it to was Breakfast in Bethlehem at a church near our house.  
I'm pretty sure we were the only ones that didn't regularly go there, but they were very friendly and welcoming.  
It was a blessing to our family and we learned that Zoe just LOVES grits!

And making crafts....Shiloh loves running around (but we knew this)!
The time is coming to an end when my sister will watch my littles.
So I have enjoyed seeing how she has captured some of their last play dates!
She found a way to make both the the babes happy....having Lydia feed Ezra.
She is amazing in being able to handle four littles...especially babies!
So thankful that she was able to love my loves in my absence.
Some of our dear friends had their third precious child that I got to visit when I was finally well enough to do so (I didn't want to share my germs)!
Ezra was clearly very excited to meet Emma as well!  Always enjoy introducing potential future suitors.
For real we had a great visit....Ez just didn't understand why he wasn't the only cute baby around.
I mean!!!!  I could hold this love all day!
So technically in was New Years day when we celebrated Christmas with my family. 
This is true of their personalities!
Of course it was a very exciting Frozen Christmas.
All of the girls got dolls and were ecstatic to dress up.
We haven't figured out how to make things less that even possible?

It was a very blessed Christmas....
And an even better year!

Monday, December 22, 2014

We hit a 3/4 of a year in Ezra world!

This past month has been pretty busy in the skills advancement for my little man.  It melts me that Ezra now often says, "Momma," especially when looking for me to hold him.  Now this little word can get a bit tiresome once uttered from his sister's mouth for the 10,000 time each day, but now it's just such a sweet connection to my baby.
So Ezra has mastered the combat crawl and can do so super speedy now.  He has, also advanced in crawling and pulling up.  Sigh, too soon.  He has, also, started with a little cruising, so walking shouldn't be too far in the future.  Isn't it interesting how different children can be.  Zoe began walking at 10 months, but didn't start crawling till after and Shiloh did this crazy butt scoot to get around. Yet Ezra found his own way.
One afternoon, Daddy was in the living room and I come in to see that he was asleep on the couch and Ezra fell asleep mid playing.
While Danielle was watching him, Ezra enjoyed being fed by his one year old cousin!
We have had a little more bouts of sickness, which has caused some discomfort!
And a first little tooth on the bottom....which means Ezra likes to chew on everything!
But is still pretty happy overall!
Zoe thought it would be really funny to put her backpack on Ez, which he was a good sport for her.
Ezra looks so much more like a little boy to me now.  How I cherish you and am excited for getting to spend even more time with you in the near future!