Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Falling with the Grands

So we have not seen the Grand Lovelands since the spring....which does feel like forever ago!
The day after they arrived was Donuts for Dad at the girl's school.  Beach was able to bring his own dad and they had a great time with the girls.
After school, I picked them up and we headed to the park to hang out a bit.
Grandma thought it looked so fun she joined in, too!  Can I please be this fit when I'm in my 60's?!
Ezra was excited to find a rock and they all enjoyed finding another hiding spot for it.
Many things to play on!
We recreated a picture from a couple of years ago.
(Just forgot what side the girls were on)
And, also, did one to include the little man!
One more stop at the library to retrieve some more books for home and squeezed in a little more play and reading.
The next morning was a beautiful day to spend outside!
It was our first time visiting Wingard's Nursery for Hallowpaluza.
They did a great job setting up crafts and games all around the garden.
The most anticipated, though, was the train ride.  We waited patiently in the long line for our turn.
It was worth it, though, and I love this picture of Grandma!
With that done, we could focus on the games.
We, also, participated in the pumpkin painting and kid's corn maze.
There wasn't a lot I wanted to take a picture of in the kind of creepy maze but the kids did request this one.
I would say they were pretty cute!
Ezra was beyond thrilled to get a tractor photo!
At another stand on the way home we had to check out HUGE pumpkins!
Loving my family!
After refueling and rest time, we headed out again in costume for the Harbison lake walk.
Have I mentioned how Ezra is pretty much not interested in taking pictures, and instead likes to make such crazy faces when he knows I am attempting such.  The girls on the other hand...
It was a beautiful day with much to be thankful for!
Some of the venders truly did a fantastic job!
The kids favorite!
Then we had some snack/dinner at the church near by.
It was a fun way to end the evening!
If we are lucky, on the weekends Beach makes pancakes.  Usually there is one large one that it's recipient is rotated through.  This time Grandpa got one as big as his head!
After church they took us out for lunch. The girls think they are pretty cute, and I happen to agree!
I think our kids had a record of five, yes five, bathroom trips!
It wouldn't be a visit without making cookies!
Always lots of reading going on as well!
CIU, where Beach and I went to school, had their reunion and we joined in for the kids day celebration.  The kids couldn't get enough of the bounce houses, and Ezra wore a blister into his foot to prove it. 
Then it was an interesting (somewhat confusing) clown show where Zoe was excited to be an "assistant" at one point!
Face painting is always a hit!
While our journey here was never at the same time, CIU will always have a large part of our hearts.
We checked out a bit of a basketball game.
This was a newer thing since we have been in school.
One last swing before we headed out...
Another night to hit up Mexican food...this time we were happy that more family could join us!
The time change was wearing on all the littles and I even got to hold my tired biggest little for a bit at the end.
A beautiful afternoon with school out and we needed to be outside!
Unfortunately the beach side of the lake was closed for the season but we found some adventure on the other end.
The new sport of metal detecting was introduced to the kids.
While the treasures found were not much of anything, unlike what we were hoping for on the beach end, they still brought joy!
Plus a new place to explore is always a lot of fun!
Zoe is into posing!
The kids always love a picnic lunch!
Thankful for another beautiful day before we send the grands home (where they are predicting snow for the end of the week)!
Grandpa brought his Flowbee to demonstrate to Ezra how it works and attempt a hair cut for him.  This device has been doing him proud for many years.  However, it was to loud that the little man was scared and only allowed his beloved Kola Bear to get a get a "hair cut". 
One last look on Grandpa's phone to check out the race cars before they leave!
The Grands will be missed but Christmas feels right around the corner!