Sunday, March 4, 2018

Celebrating the Big 6!

Shiloh's birthday starts the beginning of the birthday season in our house (everyone but me within 6 weeks).   My body just wasn't able to have a party for the kids, despite them continually asking for such (hopefully next year)....but I did try to make the day special for them.
There were Cinnamon Rolls (otherwise known as "A little piece of Heaven") left over from last time Grandma visited, so we put them to good use.
Shiloh loved being singed over!
Even more important to this girl then presents is decorating.  Thankfully Beach helped me the night before, as she was pretty specific in what she wanted.
She LOVED it and I loved making her smile!
 I was able to come to the girl's school during snack time to visit briefly.  It was also "fancy day" at school and of course she wanted to participate.
 My sidekick, Ezra, came with me but this was the only picture I managed to take - where he was enamored by pretending his fruit leather was a tongue!
Daddy had to work most of the day and night but thankfully was able to come home briefly in the afternoon for some present fun!
While gifts may not be her love language everybody loves a little something something!
Grandma and Grandpa even gave her a classic glass!
Later that night we had dinner at my parents where Shiloh brought some decorations with her to keep the party going!
Handmade cards are the best!
  Silly girl!
  Attempting to distract Lydia from her drawing to take a picture with her aunt!
The requested cake!
Happiest of birthdays sweet 6-year-old!  You are such a gift to us and so many others!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Thank goodness we got some pieces of Spring this was good for this momma's heart and soul!   Monthly recap of soaking it up!
From time to time the kids request the hammock - where there is a lot of love!
Sweet little Addy had her family birthday....
and seemed pretty happy with her gifts!
I LOVE this face!
With Lauren's birthday just one day apart we needed to celebrate her as well!!
Homemade ice-cream sandwiches for the win!  Happy birthday 6-year-old!
One of Zoe's good friend's mother made her a scarf which Zoe was trilled about.  She announced that she was going to wear it everyday!
A gymnastics's party for a friend of Shiloh's and I just captured a couple of random pictures...
but wanted to include them for memories sake!
Well little one played a little too rough and hurt her finger at the party....After taking a nap and with her high pain tolerance and still hurting, I decided to take her in to get it checked out.  I have a compromised immune system and was still fighting something myself, so I was not happy that the sign noted that we had a 2.5 hour wait and then gave us mask for all the flu that they were seeing (which Shiloh couldn't stand to wear).  End result +  X-Ray later = it didn't take that long and it wasn't broken!
Getting in the outdoor play as much as possible!
The next Saturday it was on to another birthday party for our awesome neighbors! 
This time at Frankie's Fun Park....a first time for our kids!
 Double the twin love meant double the cakes!  These Huggs sure are loved!
Then it was off to some more fun. This party was not free from injury, though.  Our girls had never even seen a go cart much less ridden in one.  The staff gave directions to them but perhaps missed explaining everything fully.
They made it around a lap or two before Shiloh's car stalled out.  When the staff member was attempting to fix it, Zoe (slowly mind you) ran into him, in which he slowly fell over and stayed there.  A few minutes later he was helped off the course and wheeled inside by a office char. 
The kids waited there for some time but they got them going again.  Zoe felt horrible, despite her not being able to stop and let us know this was the end of her racing career.
I was shocked that the kids wanted to go on this tall drop down ride that I certainly would not want to do!
However, clearly they had different feelings about it then I...
They ended up loving it and even went a second time!

Ezra found something a little more his speed!
Monthly staff nights kicked back in again, and I love to see my man doing his training thing!
I told Ezra one afternoon that we would read outside and came back to this....little Mr. Sunshine!
Such a beautiful day that when the littles got home we took a little walk (I wanted to see how my body would be able to handle it as well).
This tree along the way has the most beautiful flowers!
Since seeing a picture of Sharkey's a few weeks prior, Ezra had been wanting to get a hair cut.  Our health issues held us back for awhile and when I was finally able...I surprised him with this outing.
So I had to take just a couple of more pictures of those curls and baby face!
He was thrilled to get the race car (and later told me how he planned out which car he was going to use for future hair cuts).
Ez sat so still, was very quite and the hairdresser was great with him.  I thought he was zoning out with the TV but he later reported all the details to everyone else.  We didn't take it too short and his ends just flipped in the most adorable way.
A balloon, stamp and lollipop set him over the moon!
Checking out his new hairdo in the mirror at home.
Sisters were so excited for him as well when we got home!  Shiloh requested to take a picture with him!
So Beach and I finally got a date this year and it was glorious.  We checked out a hot spot near downtown...although I really couldn't eat anything there, I somewhat panicked and ordered fish and duck fat fries!
Then we walked some of that off in the amazingly beautiful day!  I was craving some fresh air and the Cacye River Walk did not disappoint!
My mom was only available in the afternoon, thus, a rare day date.  Giving up coveted nap time is not always a good idea but today it was wonderful!  
One last stop at Indah where I finally got to check out there sweet spot and enjoy an afternoon beverage.  A great top off for the day!

The girls had been doing gymnastics this month and look forward to it each week!
This is the first time they have done something like this together!
When we got home one afternoon, Hunter, brought over an early birthday present!
A new messenger bag that Shiloh could design herself!
She was enamored and couldn't be more excited!
Then it was off to decorating it together!
The end of the month I was finally able to get into the office for a bit. Dad was there bagging beans one day and obliged Ezra in wearing his hat and letting him help for a bit.
Love and fun in each bag!  Surprise Poppy, caught on camera!
While still being down for the count many days, this month sure did have a lot more highlights and sunshine...warming the outside and my heart even more!