Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter & Birthday (take 2)

April 1st was a special day this year with it being Zoe's birthday and Easter.  Even though we did celebrate the day before there was still some special things for her on her actual day as well, like a yummy breakfast!
When we got home from church, Zoe found a surprise waiting for her from her neighbor buddy!
She is at the age where craft kits are just perfect, in that she is really enjoying making things!
Then it was off to my parent's house, where we got a family picture...
or two!
(Not needing to take a time out as my anxiety had been a battling me hard core.)
Then Danielle led us in a Seder!  Such a special activity and I'm so thankful that we got to do it again this year!
"Why do we eat reclining?"
(Danielle was reading the words from her phone.)
While there were no tears this time, Zoe did have strong thoughts about the herbs dipped in salt water.
Next it was time for Resurrection Rolls...
I try to look past what they are made of and focus on the hands on significance of what they represent!
It's so great that the kids can be involved.
After they were cooked and "Jesus" (marshmallow) was gone, Lydia exclaimed, "My Jesus melted!"  Not quite but did open up some talk ;-)
After our amazing dinner, it was Zoe's turn to open her birthday presents.
Grammy kicked it off with giving her some jewelry!
Her first "lego set" (she was excited about them only because they were "girl leggos").
Then it was time for card reading from the cousins.  Zoe was a good audience to listen and validate the looonnnnggg story of the cards.
Rollerblades she had been anticipating!
And a Beanie Boo!
Sweet 8-year-old!
Selfie with the birthday girl again!
Finally event was the Easter Hunt!  (I kept this picture of Danielle trying to get out of my shot because she looks so pretty.)

Grammy and Poppy's property lend to plenty of places to hide.
Love these sweet girls!
Picture with the best mommy ever!
And the best Sisters ever!
Zoe wanted in on the love!
All the littles with their finds!
And Shiloh caught a caterpillar.  Her face when I asked to take a picture...
that's better!
Christ the Lord has Risen!  What a beautiful day to celebrate so much!!!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Zoe 8th Birthday

Zoe's birthday fell on Easter this year.  With it already being April Fools Day, we had a lot of fun to be done! After some thought, Zoe did not like the idea of sharing her birthday.  So we mostly celebrated the day before. 
Her meal of choice: cereal and milk (her first bowl ever) and oatmeal.
  It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt and activities at the park.
May have been the only ones to hop to it.
Love the joy that they find!
Birthday squeezes!
Candy piece of choice...
Then we had to hit up the awesome local coffee kiosk for a treat for the adults! ;-)
Zoe wanted to spread out her presents throughout the day.
The first one was a hit and she was off making bracelets for some time!
Then Zoe and I headed to her first experience roller skating at a friend's birthday.
So cautious, I walked around with her for a bit.  Her favorite was when they turned the lights down!
Sweet Lauren seemed to have a great time at her party!
In finally making it back home, we enjoyed some hot dogs, popcorn, & carrots (meal of choice) and then it was off to more presents.
Sister loved sharing her card with Zoe.
Zoe had some very specific gifts that she asked for...
Shiloh wanted a picture with her!
Zoe is really into Shopkins right now...
and shirts with thumb holes.  She was beyond excited for this winning number!
As well as some other fun dresses...
And more craft kits.  Zoe has the best reactions that it makes it so fun to see her open things!
I would say we had a blast of a day for one special girl.  (Even though she was really sad she couldn't have a party with her friends.) Yet there was still more celebration to come...