Friday, June 30, 2017

Kid play in the beginning of June

The start of summer...time for hanging out more, reading, playing outside, VBS and traveling for mom and dad (more of that to come later).
We managed to squeeze in one co-op Hughes cousin days.
Our neighbor often comes over to play....sometime I wonder what he thinks about all the girliness that is in our home.  The girls requested this picture while they were performing their ballet.

We attended Storyfest at the State Museum again this year!
Face printing for the win.

So glad we got Grammy to come along with us!
They had some crafts set up but, for the most part, the kids weren't interested in it.
However, they did seem to enjoy the awesome story time.  Zo and Ezra joined in going up to the front to sing.
I didn't realize it, but we were able to explore the museum afterwords.
It had been a couple of years since we have been so we all had a great time!
Ezra was obsessed with watching the model trains and we had to return to that section/floor more than once.
We even got to see the case you were wondering it just looked like a red circle.
I had no idea that there was a kid play area that the littles had a blast at.  Shiloh was in her element getting to try on clothes and put on a show!
They even provided a healthy snack for us which we gobbled up on the way out!
Shiloh always comes up with something crazy....this time, "Mommy take a picture of me, I'm a cloud!"
We always enjoy the events at our local library and this year's summer kick off party was no different!
Ezra was so excited he couldn't close his mouth.
The girls were thrilled to be able to climb as there were no weight limits!
Bounce house fun!
Building a better world!
Shiloh always likes to try to eat things!
Old lady poses!
Thankful for our local library!
Our good friend's birthday party and even the cousins were invited...
Happy Birthday Lauryn....wished we had captured a picture with ya!
We headed out to "Touch a Truck" on another I knew it would be right up Ezra's alley....
Being on the blacktop parking lot = cooking zone and soon became so hot!
When we first got there Zoe asked where the girl trucks were.  When I questioned her further she explained, "You know, like carriages and stuff."  That is my girly girl alright.
However, we managed to have a good time, hot but good.
Ezra's sensitive heart still has a hard time handling some "scary" parts in movies.  However, he easily receives comfort from his ready sisters.
Sometimes he will reprimand the characters, as if that could help.
The end of the month was book capped with the most famous trip to California for Beach and me.  Seeing that there was so much to see, many post will be needed for that!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Solo in San Fran (Cali - Day 4)

Despite the taste of the city, I had yet to actually explore San Fransisco.  So after an amazing past three days (day 1, day 2, day 3) I was ready!  However, what I was not ready for was dealing with figuring out the parking and tolls (you even pay a toll for driving over the bridge).
So I investigated a much more enjoyable route by ferry in the city we were staying that was a 30 minute ride to SF.
What a beautiful route to get there!  I can't imagine this as my commute to work, as it is for some everyday.
I soon figured out why there were not many people on the back deck.  The wind was crazy!  Windblown hair was a bit of an understatement.
It was so worth it getting to see the views and watching the up approaching city.
We landed at the ferry dock and I took a few minutes sitting on a bench to gain my bearings and decide on my plans for the day.  While doing so I got complemented, on my windblown hair no less, by a large transgender women putting on her make up.  Through her missing teeth, she showed me her key chain from the 80s, "This planet is a crazy place" before catcalling another trans person walking by.  Yes, yes, it is.  I confess that it was a bit difficult for me to concentrate on my book.
Thankful the book I had checked out from the library gave awesome examples of walking tours of the city and I quickly chose the one through China town.  
Granted it took me at least a mile to get there (also, do you know how steep these streets can be).  I soon found out and was thankful it was not hot.
I was thrilled to finally make it there and get my tour on!
I believe this China town is the largest in the world (outside of China of course).  I enjoyed finding a couple of trinkets for the kids and some Cali t-shirts in one of their many tourist shops.
I spent a bit of time at Grace Cathedral, as it was just that to me!
These doors remind me of the ones in Florence...
as does the inside.  It's hard to image worshiping in such a place!
I've never actually done a labyrinth myself and glad I took the time to do the large one near the entrance to the church.  A walk around to pray and contemplate, open to what God wanted to show me.
Next I walked my way to the Cable Car Museum.
I was a bit confused about the entrance and ended up underneath (where I was not supposed to be and briefly poked around).
However, I did find my way back to the main public entrance and saw where they pull all the cables from!

More walking touring and enjoying the murals of the city!
Wondering back through China Town I found myself in a shop that promoted free tastings.  Clearly that is a pull for me so I pulled up a seat.
Coffee I know a little something something about, tea on the other hand....nothing.  So I had a personal long, detailed and helpful explanation by the shops' employee.
Along with many "free tastings" along the way.
It was very fascinating and one of my favorite things from the day.  I ended up with a bag full to bring home and a kiss on the forehead by a kind elderly patron who noted that I can be his granddaughter.
Although I looked at many Chinese restaurant menu items along the way, not really knowing much about them combined with the thought that I really shouldn't be eating such anyway, I ended up in a courtyard.  I enjoyed my packed lunch among many locals (including a large elderly group playing cards under the covering) and more sunscreen.  This girl got burt her first day (something about being outside all day), hence always wearing a hat now.
I continued walking....
Meanwhile Beach was hard at work, developing his palate, working on the cupping skills.
I suppose I really enjoyed the murals of the city, as I ended up capturing many of them.
This was a pretty unique one that included all of these falling books in front of it.
I found the first coffee house of the city....
and it appeared to have many of the original items.
My coffee pick me up was just what I needed to hike up to Coit tower.  To all the detail notices out there - No, they did not hand me a really dirty coffee cup, it was just my skills that spilled a bit along the way.
Waking around the base of the tower did have amazing views.  However, I was not able to actually make it to the top.  Getting one look at the long line wrapping around it, I knew I did not have the patience for such that day.
The hike down was a bit easier and I headed towards the water!
In finishing my walking tour I realized I had time to squeeze in a least part of another, what's a few more miles right?
How fun is this famous bakery that creates amazing bread shapes right in the window!
In that we were staying near the peers that night, and Beach and I would only have a day in the city the following day, I thought it good to find out what best to show him!
There is so much to see and you could spend many days capturing it all.
Fisherman's Wharf area was full of sightseers!
I took a little break inside a visitor center which was great in learning some of the history of the area.
An originally houseboat...
I spied Ghirardelli square in the distance and knew our Airb&b we were staying at had to be close by.
More walking around the bay.
I knew we would not have an opportunity to actually visit Alcatraz but enjoyed it from a distance.
Any time I was near the actually water....the wind got crazy whipping wild.  Thankful for my jacket!  The famous fog gave me limiting views of the Golden Gate!
I realized I was quiet a distance (several miles) from the ferry port where I would need to catch the last boat out of the city and less than an hour to spare.  So I HAULED to get back!
It would have been very bad if I missed the ferry and our car would be stuck on the other side and Beach at our training.  But thankful I was able to make it in time, although did begin to freak a bit when the ticket machines were being beyond slow and the line a bit stacked.
I enjoyed the last views of the city form this angle....see you later tonight!
Ahhh....made it back in time to pick up the Love.  Last day of training and now he is all mine!
Since it was getting pretty late, I decided that we should eat dinner in Sausalito.  Beach's trainer had an amazing recommendation right on the water.
Have a bit to wait for a problem.  For real, I could wait for quite a bit with this view.  I was thankful that I got to show Beach a bit of this city as well!
Sangria Cheers!
Why yes, that is a pizza right there that we split.  And yes I have not had glutton or diary pretty much all year.  And yes it was beyond amazing.
So much to be thankful for!  We headed into SF and it had gotten dark.
We had a bit of a problem finding our spot and actually went down Lumbar street, that one that is the crookedest street in the world.  However, when we finally made it, we were so thankful to be staying at a great location with a super host that was super!  Just enough time to plan out our hits and coffee houses for the next day!