Sunday, July 31, 2016

Surviving the July '16

This month we were back in our home....a lot!  Due to some sickness that seem to keep coming we had a lot of time to be creative. It is a fun age when the small things seem so awesome!
The girls created a tent in their room.  I do love how they are being creative and working together.
Another day the kids were excited to decorate their yogurt with fruit....making creations.
This picture cracks me up.  After picking up some supplies the very friendly cashier wanted to make sure Zoe's dress did not get dirty.  She stacked up the boxes, had her sit down and fluffed the dress around her.  (She did know that the dress was a great bargain from her grandmother's garage huntings.)  It was so thoughtful and she was so kind in allowing Zoe to scan some items, too.  Of course I waited to get outside to take a picture, so I get these fun faces who are hating the bright sun.
4th of July the kids had a blast.  We joined some old friends on their farm.
Shiloh loved checking out all the animals.
Ezra had a buddy that appeased his desired activities, including repeatedly stepping in the mud puddle.
Zoe spent almost the entire time in the water.  She loved to be out floating by herself in her life jacket.  Looking back I was CRAZY to allow her to do this!  I felt like my head was in a cloud that night and wasn't thinking clearly. Thankfully she was fine and maybe this is a sign I'm becoming less anxious?
Thankfully Ezra preferred just the shallow water, and only at times.
Not the best selfie.....but since it's the only one I took....decided to include it.
Private boat rides.
Hugs from the daddy!
How cute is this!  She would even allow him to splash water in her face....which he loved!
The next day Ezra's first round of fevers started (it lasted almost a week)...thankfully Grammy watched him one morning so that the girls and I could do our Art museum outing.
Running into old neighbors was fun!
Both girls really enjoyed this activity!
Much of my time has been spent holding a tired boy...
or trying to appease his screams.  One activity is greatly preferred over the other.
We have had some cooking school here with the first lesson, spreading.  The girls practiced their skill and made ants on a log themselves.
Day 4 of Ezra's fever, he managed out a smile!
Fortunately the girls have been good sports overall...being silly...
Like putting on five pairs of socks in an attempt to step on your mom's acupuncture mat.
AND I also got a date with this hottie....with this the only picture to remember it by.  We had a great time with one of Beach's former employees, before she headed off to the amazing islands of Hawaii.  Such a blessing she has been and I know she will continue to be to all that she comes in contact with!  However, she will be SO GREATLY missed!
I had the chance to check out the new firefly stadium with my sisters and dad to celebrate Father's Day.  However, after enjoying only one inning....we ended up at my parent's house playing a board game due to the baseball game being rained out.  Sad to miss it but we had a great time together regardless!
Another sad goodbye to a great friend of eight years!  Rene came over to have our final play date.  While the kids had a crazy blast we had our last bit of catching up and hugs!
While there were a lot of other hard things mixed in this month, it was so full of varying emotions.  Some of us did have a great time at zoo night, too! Not the summer I was expecting by any means but counting my thanks none the less.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Partying like your 95 (Fl Part 6)

So the longest series ever ends with this sixth post about our Florida trip ( see Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, Post 4, and Post 5).  I just can't help wanting to capture all our moments and this time!
Fortunately Danielle captures amazing snap shots that I can include as well!
After our breakfast, we stopped to listen to a organist playing in the lobby with her other fan.
Of course when your with kids who don't sit still, it's an excuse to get up and dance, too!
Then it was off to a near by (huge) garden and nature area.

They had fun musical instruments to play along the way.
Tons of amazing plants to check out!

A wedding area for Lauren and the kiddos to practice on.
Then when the heat gets to you...little stumps to rest on and check out your map.
Bridges to explore (and one that was closed that caused us to have a HUGE decor)...
with a fall from the oldest kid about halfway there, I wasn't sure if we would make it.  The drama runs high with that one.  However, there was no real other somehow we convinced her and kept on moving.
Finally we made it to an old town replicate.  It was pretty amazing and there were several house that we could go into (and some with AC).  They loved singing in the old chapel.  
Having some hands-on items was an kid friendly touch.
My picture taking slowed down considerably in the heat...but thought these were fun.
Long naps afterward were well needed and deserved.
That night it was the big birthday party at Red Lobster.  We checked out the goods before we ate.
My grandfather turned 95 and had all of his kids there!
Keeping my kids contained is always a challenge....luckily we had the back of the restaurant to ourselves.
My little snuggler was a bit overwhelmed at all the new faces.
 My uncle Butch took a ton of Shiloh pics!
Another uncle captivated the kids with a silly app.
They were beyond amazed!
A yummy dinner and then presents!
A picture with the grands and great-grands that were in attendance.
The next morning we had one last breakfast before we headed out on our journey!  
I snapped a couple of pictures with my aunt with those of us that were left eating.
Hopping that it won't be another 25 years before we see each other again.
So thankful for the opportunity of this trip and being able to reconnect with my family in so many ways in such a beautiful area...until next time Florida!