Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Play all day! (FL part 5)

I feel like the area we stayed in Florida had so many things to do!  There was a huge park, Largo Park, really close to where we were staying. It put any of my own local parks to shame.
I captured a few quick shots.  Clearly Ezra was in his element!
There were big boulders to be conquered...
and posed on.
 Multiple play ground equipment.
 Some awesome double swings, such a fun invention!
Grammy love that is constant.
And cute statues.  They had some exercise equipment where my partner and I squeezed in a mini workout.
Then we headed to the library that was on the same property to relax and cool off!
 Some calmness to regroup .
After naps and a relaxing afternoon...we headed to the beach again for a sunset picnic.
It is tradition that we have a Cuban sandwich when we are in Florida....I say it was mighty yummy, as it has been a good four years since I've tasted the goodness.
So thankful that our cousin and fam were able to join us again!
 There was some fun wave jumping.
It was an spectacular time of day as there were tide pools...the best thing for little play!
And for making dribble castles.
Thankful Ezra was feeling more of his true self and ready to play!
Poppy explained, though, that we couldn't get in the water to deep there....as the tide pools were bad.
But lots of splashing was good for the soul.
There is just something magical about this time of day, the salt water and the gentle breeze.
Shiloh requested that I sit down for a bit and hold her so we could enjoy the sites together.
And Zoe practiced her selfie skills.
And we all took pictures of the disappearing sun. 
And each other.
Love, love, love my family!
Can I just bottle it all up and do it over and over?

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