Friday, July 15, 2016

I almost got poop in my hair

We love zoo nights....mainly because the kids get to do things that they normally don't get to and Daddy is able to join us. OK, I love zoo nights, too, especially when they aren't as crowded and not as hot.  Such was the case this month AND bonus, Lauren got to come with us again!
The magic of the carousel at night never disappoints!
Unfortunately, Zoe was the one stuck at home with a fever this time (and thanks to dad who stayed home with her for extra snuggles).  She is not a huge bird fan, so this time we got to feed them, and did so early before they got full.
I don't think Ezra was a huge fan either. 
However, Shiloh showed no fear...
and seemed to enjoy herself.
Apparently the lorikeets loved Lauren and I LOVED that I captured so many of her fun faces!
I mean I couldn't just pick one!
It wasn't long before she had a smile again!
Then when we were leaving I had a visitor land on my head...and would not get off, instead just nibbling on my sunglasses.  Even after walking to the other side and squealing quite a bit, it didn't get off for a few minutes!  It was anything but boring!
Of course we had to check out the train ride a couple of times as well...serious business!
So thankful to be able to get out of the house, for Beach being willing to stay with our sicky, and for Lauren getting to have fun with us!  

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