Saturday, December 31, 2016

Rocking New Years Kid Style

There is not a ton of things for New Years Eve for children, and really the day has not held much significance for me in the past.  However, this year our library held a kids party celebration where they did an amazing job!
It was filled with book reading...
Cookie decorating....
noise maker making...
Pin the hands on the clock...
AND of course the noon balloon drop (my kids were ready front and center)!
I know there was a lot of work for them to fill those 400 balloons!
And the kids (and adults had a blast with a room full of colorful fun).
We had a blast for sure!
Thank you so much to our library for so much fun (yet again).
That night we had our own little party!
We did a Netflix countdown.
And the kids had their first sparkling grape juice toast!

They were pretty stoked to use our wine glasses!
Peace out 2016 we are ready for the amazingness that 2017 will surly bring!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Birthday Jesus (Christmas '16)

We were blessed to have a sweet family celebration where everyone was well(ish).
Since Christmas fell on Sunday this year, we had church on Christmas Eve and dressed up.
Our attempt at a family picture.
While at church they had a photo area that Zoe highly enjoyed!
We had a simple dinner, watched a Christmas movie and had the kiddos head off to bed on Christmas Eve.
I was beyond worn out, so after I got some food prepped for the next day I was out. Beach stayed up making sure everything was ready and then even got up early to start a fire, so the kids were beyond excited in the morning.
We managed to have them take a morning picture before digging into stockings.
Lots of fun little surprises!
Don't forgot daddy and his huge stocking!  The kids are always trilled on his reactions!
The drink maker wanted to make some homemade hot chocolate!
Served in china....thankful the 2-year-old managed to be careful (and adorable).
My parents were able to join us for breakfast casserole...
And a breakfast "cake" that we sung happy birthday to Jesus over.  A tradition that I remember fondly with my own Grammy!
Grammy read the Christmas story, to save my horse throat. 
AND we managed one family picture before digging into the gifts.
Zoe wanted to give her presents first, those that she bought with her own money from the "store" at school.
Daddy wanted to get Ezra a special gift...
a ball cap so they could be twins....he LOVED it!
Fading a great deal on Amazon, we surprised the girls with their own tablets...
which they loved (now I need to figure out how they work).
It was such an amazingly warm day, that I wanted to be outside!  I mulched some leaves (yes I know not a real Christmassy thing to do but something I genuinely enjoy) and we went on a family walk!
That night we had a simple and yummy dinner at my parents house complete with new pajamas!
The icing on the cake of one special birthday!