Sunday, August 31, 2014

So hot out here....and other happenings in August

My two mini-me....male and female version.
Yes date night....despite Beach not feeling well, we still had a good time out.  When we are with the kids we cannot seem to have a conversation, as they are soooo talkative and still learning about not having dinner peace is special!
We stopped by the lake to check out the view on the way home.
Library time fun with puppets.
We braced the crowds for a free day at Edventure.
It had been about a year since the girls had been able to they really enjoyed it.
Beach is always so amazing wearing Ezra, so I can be more hands on with the girls.

Apparently Zoe liked the dinosaurs.

They have many fun exhibits.

My parents inherited my grandmother's for these princess.

My girls attempt at the photo booth.  Zoe turning a necktie props to a hair bow and Shi attempting to get in on the action, too.
Happy special birthday to a very blessed little boy!
The walls in our kitchen have been an on going  project for months now.  We finally decided on red....which I believe is the hardest color to paint....looks like it is going to be another several weeks to get done!
When it has been days and days of hot humid mess....some mornings call for first thing playdough sessions outside.
Zoe was pretty proud of herself for the burger so made!  (Don't worry it was grass fed.)
My sister, Danielle, is back with watching my littles this month while I work.  She is such a blessing.

I love that she enjoys taking pictures (and is so good at it).  Here are some of the images she captured from watching them this month!

I love that these cousins get to spend so much time together.  Hoping that these will be friendships that will last a lifetime!

Sending love from the Lovelands this month!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day has begun!

How did this day get here?  I've heard other mother's speak of it, yet couldn't grasp it in the depths of my first born's first day of school.
Zoe was so excited, which helped this momma's nerves.  I allowed her to chose her outfit...which of course meant a poofy sun dress!  Learning to let go more and allowing her to express her style.
Shiloh has been having a bit of a time understanding why she cannot go to school, too.  She went right along with Zoe in attempting to pack herself a lunch and bag.  She does love her sister so and wants to be with her!  It will be an adjustment for her too!  Danielle took this picture while we were leaving when she requested such in seeing me take Zoe's picture.
Daddy included a little note in her lunchbox...
Upon learning of Zoe's teacher's favorite drink and love of coffee...we made sure to attend bearing gifts.  Gotta start the school year off right, right?
She looked so small at such a big school!
We made it just in time (I have a feeling this is going to be a constant struggle).  It was a little rushed in saying goodbye and seemed to go by in a blur. 
And just like that....I had to go, praying that the day would go well!  (I had to smile looking back at this picture.  I have no idea what the board was that she sat next too, but somehow it was a connection with her daddy.)
I had to go to straight to work that day, so my mind and thoughts were pretty busy.  But the next day....when I dropped her off and found the house so different without her there.  Tears. A lot of tears throughout the day.  I had seen the FB status updates about crying when you drop your kids off....but throughout the day, many times?  I just wasn't expecting that.  But I miss my Zoe, and realized that this was an end to a stage in our life. She has been with me everyday that I have been home for over four years now.  Her inquisitive talkative self almost always by my side.  She is such a precious soul that I want to protect.  This momma's hands and heart have to be a bit more open.  Knowing that you will soar little one!

Monday, August 25, 2014

The grand Loveland visit of 2014

It's been almost a year since we got to see the parent Lovelands.  That's a long time in family time, especially for children and the changes in their development.  Shiloh kept thinking we were just going to see them on the computer (skype), as it was what she was used to, but was excited none the less.  We were so thankful that Beach's parents were able to make the 14 hour drive from Michigan (again) to bless us for over a week.  It was probably one of the best visits yet, filled with lots of memories, activities, home improvements and rest.  The kids had a ball, too, and we will be going through withdrawal for awhile I'm sure!

The girls really enjoyed having grandma read them books over and over (especially their new Frozen ones!).
I tried to find some activities for us all to do together.....but this was somewhat of a challenge this time of year and with the weather the hottest we have seen all summer!

We gave it a go at the art museum (a first for the kids)....and had a pretty good time.

They even have a great little area where children can play and create art themselves.

Another day we decided to try for a day trip to Charleston.  Granted, I had many apprehensions about such a long car ride (twice in one day), but decided we should just go for it. We haven't done to much traveling the past couple of years (probably due to me being traumatized with screaming trips in the past).  There was some uncalmable screaming on the way home....but I'm trying to block that out.

Poor Donna, her sandals that she had gotten the previous day started popping off shortly after getting fact she walked right out of them, laughing all the way to the closest shop we could find.  Luckily they had one pair, a size too small, that she made due with the rest of the day.  I must say she had a lot better attitude then I would have had!
It was so hot, so hot....but we sweated it out and dipped our feet in the water.
Zoe likes to still hug random things (so Shi then does, too).
Beach was such an AMAZING sport....for as hot as I was I dare not complain, as I know having a baby strapped to you all day makes you that much hotter (and sweatier)!
I agreed to gelato in an attempt to cool down but I think it just made me more thirsty!
We boarded the trolly to get a little rest....and ended up just staying on for a good while!
Poor Shiloh, not used to going all day without a nap, fell asleep for about 10 minutes before we had to hop off.
Much, much walking and gazing.
Grandma and Grandpa always bring many gifts, including dresses for the girls.  Zoe loved this one and insisted on wearing it wear it she did. 
We finally made it back to the car, where we breathed in the air conditioning and attempted to stop sweating.  I downed some water in attempt to keep nursing.  We decided to find a restaurant not in town, so as not to walk further.
A great coupon lead us to Mt. Pleasant for a yummy dinner!

Of course we had Grandma use some of her AMAZING baking skills while she was here.  The girls got to help, which they enjoyed!
And were huge fans of the results!
We hosted a night for all of Beach's family to come and visit...including Cynthia and Blaine who were in town from Texas!

We had such a good time and are always glad for an excuse to get together!  So much fun that I usually forget to take more pictures!
I think they liked each other! #Smiles!
Another day a nearby church hosted a car showed that Beach entered.

It had jump houses for the kids that they loved!
And a place to escape the heat for some shaved ice.  PS I love that my girls can enjoy them even if they are just ice and don't make an issue that there is no "color" on them!
The Loveland Coffee mobile's first show!

We, also, had a park morning.
With some serious swinging.

And grandma sliding!
Lots and lots of reading each day...
And more baking!
Our last night, they took us all out for dinner.
This nice picture with Grandma really captures Shiloh's personality....always doing crazy things, with crazy faces and noises with lots of intensity.

We stopped by the lake on the way home.....thankful that the weather had finally gotten a bit more comfortable.

The three generations of Loveland men!
We should did have a lot of fun with their visit!  Thankful to know that it won't be another whole year until we see them again!  Until Christmas....we love you!