Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bring it April...we are ready!

Oh spring with your cooler mornings, warm afternoon and bright just call me to spend as much time as I can outdoors!  There were so many little fun things that we did like visiting the Governor's mansion, new parts of the zoo, and strawberry picking, along with Zoe's birthday and celebrating my Dad's, Mom's, and Beach birthday that I had to make separate posts for them.
Combine that with a rare date with my man!  Score!
In cleaning out the garage and working in the yard, Beach surprised me in busting out a kite we have never used. 
One huge advantage of having a golf course in the backyard that is not in use is lots of running green space.  
It was a windy day, but not super to keep the kite up involved much running.
We all loved it (well maybe not so much Ezra who didn't know what to think of the large bird) and had lots of giggles, including Zoe who had the bird chasing as well!
We are holding on to our Friday tradition of popcorn and a movie.  This is usually done after the house is picked up by the kids...perfect way to start a weekend.  We have yet to actually get through a whole movie before bedtime but they have learned to be content with what they do get.
Totally normal Monday night when the girls get an African missionary that we had over for dinner to play duck duck goose!
He earned some well deserved coffee afterwards!
Little monkeys often enjoy a banana break...extra yummy with friends!
Ezra loves to play with his sisters!
And it's a double bonus if we can do it outside.
Park time with friends....
including chasing down the duckies...
Playing on the playground...
and many fun conversations.
Most days now involve a nap with the middle.  I have found that this is a way to ensure that she will sleep, getting the rest she needs (and often attempts to avoid) and a bonus rest for momma!
Part of my Loveland Coffee duties is picking up supplies....this is no small matter, at times.  Lucky for me my shopping partners are pretty well behaved, so as to keep their momma sane!
My Swap partner in crime for our first shop of the year!
Yummy and fun goodies, as this swap included crafts!
When getting adjusted, sometimes we leave with extra goodies!
"Mom I got these for you for mother's day!"  Complete with root and all!
In action Ezra his speed is almost always running (or being held by his momma).
One night after dinner at my parents, Mom had the kids plant mammoth sunflower seeds.
This picture of is how 80% of my photos of Shiloh look when she knows I'm taking a picture...making crazy faces!  Thus, I take a ton of pictures to get some normal ones!
We are excited about how these flowers will turn out as they are supposed to grow to be over my to keep them alive till then.
Zoe had an large expert project in kindergarten....her topic of choice, Princess.
Her instructional page to the parents stated by telling us to take a deep breath, as the kids were to do most of the work.  While this is true on some levels....six-year-olds still need a lot of guidance (and trips to the library and being read to about the stories and looking up pictures on the computer and helping to practice and....).  She worked really hard on it, putting in countless hours and I learned a few things along the way too!
I was able to go into her class when she presented to her classmates. In starting to practice it at home she was really nervous but after many rehearsals but the time she was in the class she seemed pretty calm and loved being able to answer questions.
Co-op day!  Who wants me to read them a story!!!  So excited for reading!
Gymnastics have been interesting.  Zoe has continued to love it.  While Shiloh goes back and forth on if she wants to particiatpe.  This was her last time.  Although she seems to really love it, she does not like to be told what to do (i.e.) a class....she rather read books with momma and play while we watch sister!
Anniversary time at an event at Beach's former work.  Complete with a cookout!
Fortunately Ezra did not want anything to do with the bouncy house after being tackled by a large unattended older boy (on purpose) and hung out with momma in the hot sun.  
Dada!  Our new fun experiment.  An amazing friend allowed us to borrow a tower garden in which we are growing our first veggies!  It took awhile for me to get it cleaned up, put together and the sprouts started but I'm excited to see the growing process!
Why did the turtle cross the road?  I'm not sure but it got rescued by daddy and examined by the kiddos.
AND I love how our neighbors always come out to play with the kids this time a year!
So many adventures here, there and everywhere!

Birthday season

This was a busy birthday month (really all of spring is for our family) I linked together some of the loves of the month of April! (Zoe got her own post it was such a busy day.)
Beach and I had such a treasured mid-morning the day of his birthday.  After he worked the morning shift we were able to go downtown to the Gourmet Shop to have an amazing brunch (do you know how hard it is to find a place that does brunch on the weekdays).  He had never been there and the weather was perfect to sit outside and enjoy this view!  We get such rare time alone and he works so hard that it is a true blessing to have this time.
We had a simple dinner at home that night with the kids, followed by some ice-cream...
And cards and gifts.
Neither of our love languages is gifts (thank goodness) so we don't even always do them.  This time I made a special oil blend cologne for him...he's not sure what to think about it.
On dad's actually birthday we were at his house for dinner....and he busted out his special hat!
It was followed by his favorite dessert Key Lime Pie.
I just had to include these fun pictures that capture Dad's fun goofy spirit!  I can't imagine where I get it from!
Then we all celebrated these men (again - I know we like to celebrate) with a joint birthday.  With the things men love....ribs.
(Nothing different here....just a cute picture of my other little man.)
More homemade cards...
and presents....Poppy has a lot of helpers.
And finally the long requested Twix cake.  That's right...a homemade huge candy bar.
Beach was pleased!
Technically my mom's birthday is May 1st...but this year we celebrated a day early.
Yummy Zucchini cake made my Danielle!
She certainly is a blessed loved mom and grammy!
Whew, almost done with spring birthdays....but it is so fun to celebrate these precious lives!