Friday, April 1, 2016

Zoe's big day - rocking two hands now

We all had such a famously day for Zoe's birthday!  
She was on spring break AND daddy was able to be with us all morning (a rarity these days with work).  So he whipped up her favorite...pancakes, including a huge one per her request.
We scored a great deal to go to the local children's museum and got there when it opened to beat the crowd.
It had been over a year since we have been, so the novelty was strong.  (Zoe showing how old she was was a theme throughout the day - she couldn't be any more excited).
One of the favorite spots...the store, where everything is child size.
Zoe got to practice her current career choice...Publix cashier.
They had many other things to explore!
Then we headed to the Krispy Kreme factory (the kids first time).
They were pretty stoked about the whole process.
And the free donuts for being April Fools!
Next during nap time, Beach took Zoe to cash in a free birthday ice cream.
Always fun to get to have one on one time with daddy!
After the littles woke up we had a few presents!
Finally it was off to Grammy and Poppy's for dinner!
Followed by (yes I know I can't even believe that I let them have so much sugar myself) the special treat the girls had made the previous day, chocolate almond butter covered bananas!
Sorry Aunt D....this picture was far too funny to not include!
I say they were a hit!
A few more gifts to top it off!
Whooww what a day!  We couldn't be more thrilled to get to spend it together making memories!
My precious Zoe, how I treasure this age where you are developing so quickly yet still have all your youthful innocence!  Your have so much strength and determination that will do you well in life.  Such a complement to your sensitive heart, that is so loving to your family, friends and Lord.  I do love how you still want to sit in my lap everyday and pray that you are never to old for your momma's loving!  You so want to please and do well at school, striving each day to do your best. I do treasure our times together and know your "seriously" going to rock being six!

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