Saturday, February 28, 2015

Attempting to keep warm and dry in the Feb of 2015

This month came in with a bang.....and a horrible hit all of us at once and it was AWFUL!
The poor kids had to fend for themselves at many points, and I found Shiloh on the floor next to her throw up bag asleep.
I was very thankful for Netflix, that Ezra slept a lot in his crib and that he did not get it as bad as the rest of us!
After a week....we were all time to get ready for the swap!
Zoe LOVES being able to go, too!  She is the only other kid there and it is a bit more trouble, but she loves it so much it's hard not to take her!
I loved my items that I brought home and wish I could capture the goodness in a better picture.
Homemade bread, granola, pie crust, sourdough crackers, sourdough English muffins, homemade granola bars, apple wine, two jars of peach sauce, peaches, milk keifer, 2 packs of bacon salt, dried tomatoes, soup and bread, paprika rub, And country pumpkin and banana cinnamon bread with a pumpkin glaze (that we gifted to our neighbors). Bam! 
So double trouble at the dentist....well not completely.

Zoe mastered it like a champ but Shiloh did not have the best first experience!  There were three different hygienist trying to convince to sit in the chair with her mouth open, however she was not anything.  In the end I had to straddle her in my lap with her head in the hygienist lap.  Did I mention I had Ezra in the carrier at the time....sigh.  The Dentist thought I was doing gymnastics! 

They did like how there were TVs everywhere!
Zoe hard at work at signing all her valentines...and she was ecstatic about her bunny rabbit from her teacher!
I just love my hairdresser and that I now have less toxins in my blonder hair!
This cuteness was going on while I was getting my hair done!
I was finally able to make it to Zoe's ENT appointment to follow-up on the lump that is under her chin (you can read my blog about it here).  We waited awhile and Zoe entertained herself by singing Frozen throughout the waiting room.
The Dr. was very informative and took time to answer lots of questions.  She confirmed that it was a thyroglossal duct cyst and explained the advantages of having it removed so that it would not get infected repeatedly (and result in still getting it removed later).  I was thankful that she would allow us to wait until summer, so as not to miss school (which would have made it that much worse for Zoe, as she hates missing school), and would take a couple of weeks to completely heal up. She will have to be put under and will most likely spend the night so that they can keep an eye on her.  The will biopsy the cysts then.
She did really well in allowing the Dr. to examine her.  I have explained to her what is going on, but try not to put too much energy into it, as I don't want to worry her and scare her for the surgery.  We will talk to her more in detail about it in June.  Keep the prayers coming!
A busy celebration day indeed!  We started out with a ballet 2-year-old birthday bash, complete with tutus!  Happy birthday Happy Hattie!
Then Zoe and I went to a Frozen Karate party.  
I mean have you ever seen such a cake cutting instrument!
Then I got some date time with this handsome man that night!
Yep, first time in Chipotle to cash in some coupons!
Much overdue grown-up time!
Danielle and I are attempting some co-op baby sitting in order for us to do some things without littles in tow.

This means more cousin play times and getting to bond with aunt Jessica.
Grammy is the best story reader!
The library had a special night time story time (complete with wearing your PJ's) especially for those that have trouble in the "normal" story time.
Can you tell which child that would be!  Zoe adorned her PJ's with a tiara and Ezra's cape(in order to be super girl) while Shiloh did her thing.
Wild one did not disappoint.  I'm not sure what it is with this environment but she won't really use her words and will not listen.  Makes for a pretty worn out frustrated momma!
I was looking forward to a special school aged child time at the library for just Zoe and me after school one day.
It was involving face painting which she LOVES!
But, also, wearing a smock (trash bag) which she hated!  This girl and her clothes!
How cute is this scarf!  There is a precious 11-year-old boy making them to raise money for a summer missions trip!  I got one and Zoe loved it so much that she requested one as well.  She adores it and asks where we are going, so she can wear it out and even if she can sleep in it!  If you want one too you can check out their Facebook page!
My little sensitive spirit.  Good thing she had a beautiful friend's hand to hold when watching something that scared her.


It was awesome that we got to see my aunt Lisa in town for a visit.  She hasn't gotten to meet many of the littles and they enjoyed it as well!  Shiloh gave her some of her intense hugs!
It is, also, special to have some aunt Lauren time.
Oh February, despite your weather, it looks like I loved you pretty well!

Limbo master and date time

It was daddy daughter dance time again and Zoe made sure to invite her dad when she found out about it at church. Zoe was so funny, she insisted on wearing the same dress as the previous year (well after her Tinkerbell dress up was vetoed), since that was what she wore then....even though she hated it last year and left in tears.  This year her hair was long enough for a ponytail, too! 
Although Shiloh was not old enough to go, she still wanted a picture with her daddy.
There were many picture attempts and out takes.
This year fared a little better for Beach, as there was more dancing involved.
Sometimes very intensely.
Boy do little girls love to dance!
Who knew that I was married to such a limbo machine!
Apparently his 6'3 frame didn't hold Beach back and he set the bar low (or jump rope).
And for several days later he let me know how badly his hips hurt.
This may be why she was looking forward to the event so much as Daddy let Zoe have many special treats!
I love this picture and that they got to share such a special evening together!  May they always go on dates together!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

To Close to a YEAR (Ezra @ 11 months)

Sigh, the time is here where my baby is too close to being a year old!
Currently: Ezra's two top and bottom teeth are now in and he wants to get a hold of anything to bite...including his mommy (but luckily no other people)!
We had a fun play date with some busy boys!

I mean that smile....I can't handle it!
My poor little one got sick with the rest of us (but fortunately not as bad).  I was very thankful that he  slept a good bit in his crib when I was sick, too, but later wanted lots of mommy snuggles!
We have to watch Ezra, as he is so fast to dash to the plants and now attempts to eat the dirt (along with racing to the bathroom to play with the potty if the door is left open).
He was not a fan of being in the carrier while in the back and prefers to snuggle up front with his mommy.  Maybe it was because he was sleepy.
Still not walking yet, but Ezra is a lot stronger in being able to stand on his own.  The girls (individually) will play more with him now.  Together they enjoy running away from him, as if he is chasing them (he hasn't noticed yet).  Zoe has fun helping him walk (although by the time I went to capture it - he was already tired and ready for a break)!
One of his favorite things to do is to push anything he can around.  He has even figured out a game he can play with his sister where she is sitting in the computer chair (with wheels) and he will move her around the kitchen.  Zoe loves this as well.

They, also, hold hands on the way to drop off Zoe to school.  As soon as I put him in the car seat he reaches out his hand to Zoe to hold hers.  Swoon!
The countdown now begins where my baby will turn into a toddler!