Monday, June 30, 2014

June Bugs

A hot month full of love!
Beach watched the crew on one of my first days back at work AND he took them all grocery shopping!!!  He is one brave man!  Luckily the cart had space for all three of them.
They must have been so good that they got "coffee" afterwards.
Danielle got to have the cousins together and made some cute photo colleagues.....I hope they are always the best of friends!
Did somebody say blueberries!
How fun is this for a birthday!  I had never heard of the place but we all really enjoyed it!
Zoe loves Savannah, the beautiful birthday girl, so she was very excited about this whole process!
There was a hay ride.
And petting area!
A beautiful pond gave a great backdrop that I attempted to get some sisterly love, 
Attempted being the key word here...clearly Zoe did not agree with this idea.
Side note....This girl wears dresses everyday.  She may be the first one to wear a white colored dress to an outdoor adventure party...I just try to roll with her wishes most of the time.
Getting a great picture of all three together....not happening.
So I just took one with Ez.
Even though I'm back at work....I still try to squeeze in some playdates!  For the kids sanity and mine!
So it was daddy-daughter date night at Chick-fil-a.
They had their places marked.
Which included face painting...
And a limo ride!

Zoe had some friends come as well!
Free dessert....this kid has clearly never eaten an ice cream cone and turned it on its side and took a large bite out of it.
Zoe was just slightly excited about this event.
Even though I'm not a fan of the quality of their food (or lack there of), sometimes exceptions can be made to capture such fun and create memories.

So when I fed my niece, Lydia, this was her sign that she was done eating....she moved on to sucking her toe...silly girl!
Yep, high classing it with our swimming pool.  The girls actually really love it, and then Beach and I can do a little yard work.
I love these three and glad that sharing momma isn't too difficult most of the time.
Zoe was so excited for zoo members night, she kept asking for weeks about it.
We saw Adalyn there and tagged along with them.
Zoe had a love/scared relationship with feeding the giraffe.  She repeatedly would feed him and back away in a terror laugh.
Shiloh, on the other hand, did not have much love for it and did not appreciate being smelled.

Zoe was willing to feed the lorikeets, briefly that is.
But Shiloh really enjoyed the smaller animal.
The all time favorite, though, was the carousel.  We don't normally ride because of the price, but Zoe was ecstatic that she could go numerous times free on members night!
To say that Beach Loves his new truck is an understatement.
The girls really enjoy being in it but don't worry it's just in the driveway.
"Help!"  We hear from the other room and Beach finds this....
so thanking the Lord for another crazy month!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

My little man is 3 months!

What another month of blessings with my little Ez.  He continues to be such a so easy!  I love how he, like his sisters, is full of expressions.
He has found a way to self sooth himself.  We have never used pacifiers in our house (for many reasons) and I seemed to be the pacifier for the girls (which can be very difficult).  However, when Ezra  has been getting tired he will suck on his hand, until his thumb finds a way to his mouth.  At least until he falls asleep.  If he makes any type of fussy noise, I know that he is getting tired and into the swing he goes.  He, then, usually falls fast asleep quickly with that little thumb in place.  
I wasn't as nervous to return back to work (the first week my sister, Lauren, watched the kids and then my mom took over) because Ezra seems to be such an easy baby.  Lauren learned to read his cues after a couple of days and things went well.
When my mom left after a few days of watching him she stated, "He is no trouble at all!  At all!" I think she was amazed (as I am) of this, as she repeated it a few times and included that it was the best baby she has ever seen (especially in contrast to his sisters).  Yes, grace and much grace.  I keep saying that if I knew I could have another one like him, I would in a heart beat!
I did wait a long time before giving him his first bottle.  I just think it's so much work to pump and all that comes with it.  But on his first try he handled it like a champ!  Phew...not sure what I would do if he couldn't!  I enjoyed getting my hair done a lot more without having a nursing baby in my lap.
I just need to make sure that I don't overfeed him (mostly with nursing).  Or else I have a lot that will come back up on me.  BUT I rather be making too much milk than too little!
I put up all of the newborn to three month clothing that a friend let me borrow.  I get this pain inside and a huge lump in my throat, remembering how sweet he is and what happened when he wore certain outfits.  Most of all, though, it is the thought that I will no longer have a baby to wear such small things.  An end to an phase in our life that I felt had just begin.
 Don't look so surprised....we all know:
I can't express how my heart just fills at this little guy.  I think it took me longer to bond with the girls, mostly because of the tough behaviors (milk allergy issues), adjustments and postpartum depression....but this time around, it continues to be amazing and I'm just so thankful!