Sunday, June 22, 2014

My little man is 3 months!

What another month of blessings with my little Ez.  He continues to be such a so easy!  I love how he, like his sisters, is full of expressions.
He has found a way to self sooth himself.  We have never used pacifiers in our house (for many reasons) and I seemed to be the pacifier for the girls (which can be very difficult).  However, when Ezra  has been getting tired he will suck on his hand, until his thumb finds a way to his mouth.  At least until he falls asleep.  If he makes any type of fussy noise, I know that he is getting tired and into the swing he goes.  He, then, usually falls fast asleep quickly with that little thumb in place.  
I wasn't as nervous to return back to work (the first week my sister, Lauren, watched the kids and then my mom took over) because Ezra seems to be such an easy baby.  Lauren learned to read his cues after a couple of days and things went well.
When my mom left after a few days of watching him she stated, "He is no trouble at all!  At all!" I think she was amazed (as I am) of this, as she repeated it a few times and included that it was the best baby she has ever seen (especially in contrast to his sisters).  Yes, grace and much grace.  I keep saying that if I knew I could have another one like him, I would in a heart beat!
I did wait a long time before giving him his first bottle.  I just think it's so much work to pump and all that comes with it.  But on his first try he handled it like a champ!  Phew...not sure what I would do if he couldn't!  I enjoyed getting my hair done a lot more without having a nursing baby in my lap.
I just need to make sure that I don't overfeed him (mostly with nursing).  Or else I have a lot that will come back up on me.  BUT I rather be making too much milk than too little!
I put up all of the newborn to three month clothing that a friend let me borrow.  I get this pain inside and a huge lump in my throat, remembering how sweet he is and what happened when he wore certain outfits.  Most of all, though, it is the thought that I will no longer have a baby to wear such small things.  An end to an phase in our life that I felt had just begin.
 Don't look so surprised....we all know:
I can't express how my heart just fills at this little guy.  I think it took me longer to bond with the girls, mostly because of the tough behaviors (milk allergy issues), adjustments and postpartum depression....but this time around, it continues to be amazing and I'm just so thankful!

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