Monday, July 31, 2017

Hot but not so bothered (July 2017)

While we had a little fun with fire the beginning of the month (blog here) we enjoyed attempting to stay cool the reminder!
Going to reading time at the new library was a great way to do so!  New beautiful space, great staff, fun craft and lots of reading!
Found this sweet selfie of the hubby's phone!
My kids LOVE that special time of year that they get fast food and get to dress up as a cow (momma likes her day off in the kitchen, too).  "Appreciation Cow day", as my kids call it.  I think it is funny how I made them take a picture in the bright sun....I'm not sure what I was expecting to get!
I explained that we did not need to have ears and a noise this the girls just made their own, including a pink headband for Buddy.
Part of the fun is always seeing the cow!
In that we were helping mom that day, she came to lunch with us!  "Moo"
Their other and the playground.
Daddy joined us for dinner and ridiculous lines, too.  We may or may not have eat there three times that day!
Part of the fun of summer is slowing down, being silly and just enjoying each other.
Despite the blurriness of this picture, I love how they make each other laugh!
Our date this month was to a friend's wedding and I only managed to take one picture!  Handsome men!  Congrats Mario!
Play dates with great weather, beautiful colors and wonderful friends!
We made it to Gladys Gang at the art museum again!
Getting all the kids to look and show me their birds at the same time was no joke!
They always love to play outside afterwords!
Dinner at a friends, and the girls got a special manicure and pedicure!
Our only summer birthday in the family!  Happiest of Birthdays Aaron!
One last zoo night and Beach took a turn in the train (I opted out as I always get mosquito bites waiting in line).  The conductor swiped Beach's phone to take this pic!
Sweet children.
We hit up the carousel ride next of course!
I don't think the wonderment will ever get old to me!
The Zoo was allowing for Lorikeet feedings that night, and we managed to get in a little action!
Ezra was brave enough to go for it this time!
Zoe was still very cautious and Shiloh couldn't get enough!
Shiloh also enjoyed petting a large skink.
Another wonderful night and glad we were able to make it this month!
PJ reading time at the library!
Zoe was beyond excited about getting her medal for reading this summer, she has been doing a ton of it, too!
She also wanted to take a picture showing their stuffed animals!
Trying to be a bit more initially with one on one time.  This time Zoe got a date with daddy for snow cones!
Her first time there and I would say it was a hit!
Our Zoo membership was coming to an end and I realized I had gone far less than I thought I would!
So we squeezed in one more visit, this time at Waterfall Junction!
We all had a blast!
We were thankful that friends could come too!
The only way to beat midday heat around here needs to involve water, and this one brought much fun!
Hoodie boys.
We also hit up the garden, which was great as I had run out of food and the kids were still hungry!  Luckily Ezra found a cucumber to tide him over.
Another great month in the books and my heart is full!