Tuesday, July 4, 2017

All things fire...

This time of year begs for a little red, white and blue and a lot of fun mixed in.
We enjoyed the block party at our chiropractors at Maximized Living, complete with a fire truck!
My kids LOVED the smoothies and displayed mustaches the whole time to prove it!
They even got to spray the fire hose.
Which they concluded was pretty awesome!
The girls have been asking to see fireworks, since they are old enough now to understand more about what is going on in the world.  Since the dam is less than 5 minutes from our house, we decided it wouldn't hurt to try and check out their fire display.  The Russells got there REALLY early and secured a parking spot.
However, I knew our busy gang would not be able to sit and wait for hours, so we bathed and put on PJ's before we left. We showed up later and walked a bit to get there but made it!
Someone was not a fan of taking pictures at the moment!
It was a beautiful site, and we still had quite a bit of sitting ourselves, but luckily with good company.
Somebody was shooting some "practice" fireworks across the way which all the kids cheered for in anticipation of the main event.  That, however, was a good half hour late and beyond pathetic from our location (to far away and to low in the sky).  The kids didn't seem to mind or realize what they were missing, thank goodness, but we will probably not try that route again.  Why there were so many people there I will never know!  Perhaps they did not know any better either?
On the actually fourth of July....Beach worked hard on some homemade ice-cream...sibling love!
Or is it?  Somebody is ready to eat!
I didn't want to wait until to late to do sparklers...because kids and bedtime...
There was a mix between great fear and excitement for the kids to hold them!
Daddy even got in on the action!
Love those smiles! (Side note, Shiloh often enjoys mismatched PJs.)
Happy Birthday America!
I greatly missed our tradition of blueberry picking (hope the crops are better next year) but still had some low key fun with my crew!  Hoping next year we won't be doing yard work all day (but did enjoy that as well as I got to do so with my babe)!

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