Sunday, December 31, 2017

Focusing on the Smiles (Dec - Post 2)

Part one of our December can be found here...
The one week of the month that everyone was doing alright was one that had the most packed in it and fortunately we were able to join in.  After the ballet at the Nursing Home, we headed to get adjusted. They were also doing Santa pictures at Maximized Living.  The kids ended up just stopping to chat on his lap for some time until I informed that when someone else finally came that they would need to get up!
Zoe apparently wanted to be in their staff picture.  By the Way....this is the greatest team who we LOVE!  We would be honored to introduce you if you wish!
If turns out that this ended up being their Christmas party, where we were encouraged to stay.  In that we were at the end of the shift, it was grace to have a yummy chili dinner and get to visit with friends.
The next day with had our Loveland Coffee 5-year-anniversary party!  We hosted the event at the roaster.  You can read more about that here!
It included an all day roasting out back.
With some awesome Primal Gourmet Sides and cookies from Blue Flour.
We were so busy visiting with all our costumers and friends that I barely had time for many pictures.  However, it was such a blessed night to be able to give back to those that support us! 
The same week (the last week of school for the year) was packed school wise.  Zoe's class had a field trip to the Lexington Museum.
I didn't realize that most of the time would be outside and I wish I had worn a few more layers as it was especially cold.
It was interesting seeing how Christmas would have been those many years ago.
The kids made decorations from that time period....including stringing popcorn...
and decorating fruit with cloves.
There was a real life lesson in the first school house...
and writing their names in ink.
I had an amazing blessing of a night being able to go to Holy Yoga, which included live advent music. I wasn't sure if I would be able to go so this was such a gift!  It was in a special venue at London and Lace which was beyond gorgeous!  (Check them out of your getting married!)
Christmas party at my girls' school and I got to help with the ornament making!
I'm not sure who is most excited about me being able to be there!  (Side girls have been very into wearing their Great Wolf Lodge ears to school.)
I got to pop in to Shiloh's class to help for a bit, too....Although I could not get her to be still long enough for a picture...
but I will take two cute blurry ones!
Shiloh's class collected food for the local pantry, and they had the option of helping deliver the items after school.
I do love how they do this and hope that it helps give a bigger perspective beyond their own needs.
Shiloh hopped on one of the grocery carts while being wheeled in...
 It caught Mrs. Chambers by surprise but I love her expression here!  To me it summarizes things with Shiloh pretty well: full of unexpectedness but if you go with it sure can be a joy!
The children were able to help sort the groceries and got a tour of the facilities.
 Upon getting home the next day our neighbors ran over with a surprise...
My kids were thrilled with their own tail blankets.
I mean they are pretty cute!
Ezra getting his sister love...
and then to much (typical)!
They did not want to take them off but wore them around the house for quite sometime!
The last day of the school year was Pajama day at school.  I was excited that it was done and feeling up to a short walk together after school!
So we went around a local lake and briefly played on the playground equipment.
It was like a huge deep breathe that I have been struggling to take for some time.  A chance to just be free and I missed such!  I'm so glad we did, as this would be about the last time I would be able to this year)!
My little monkeys just hanging out!
Pajama time at the library is such a contrast to the past.  Now that the kids are old enough that they all sit and listen calmly and quietly, a far cry from the days when they were to simulated to even go!
It ended up with a bubble party!  (Side note the library has upped its game and now has a bubble maker!)
I know it may not be long that this big 7-year-old still enjoys bubble play.  Soaking it in while it lasts!  Also captured how she still sticks her tongue out at times when concentrating and excited.
Now for bed time!
My little helper was pumped to able to help me with some wrapping.  Man I sure am glad that I have some help with such tasks at this time!
After all the Christmas fun and before Beach's parents came for a visit, we were able to take some time for a date night just the two of us!  Now despite the smile and the make-up, I still wasn't feeling that well and wanted to be in bed.  BUT....BUT I know marriage is important and needs to be invested in!  Especially during the time when moments to connect are far and in-between I will fight for it...for he is worth it!
Whew this was a TOUGH month BUT I want to focus on the positive....on the week I did get to experience many amazing things, on all that the Lord is teaching me and dependence on Him and the glimmers in life in-between!

Focusing on the Smiles (Dec - part 1)

What a interesting December this has been.  While most of the month has been a struggle God has taught me many things!  There were some other bright points here and there as well!  There were many pictures that I did take from the good times that I broke it into a couple of posts.
The kids all enjoy decorating but this truly is Shiloh's passion!  We don't have a ton of decorations but due to my health it took a couple of days.  Shiloh was right in the mix, though, pretty much putting everything out.
Zoe enjoyed decorating her own little tree from ornaments she has made in the past.
Ezra was obsessed with his snow globe present from the previous year.
Thankful for all the help to add some Christmas cheer around!
It was a miraculous break in sickness on a Saturday that I had signed up to decorate gingerbread houses a couple of months prior.
This is no small task, but one the kids look forward too!  I would not have been able to do it without my handsome hubby!
Focused workers...
They were delighted with the results, however, Ezra just could not understand why he couldn't eat his house (although I had a suspicion that that was exactly what was going down as the pieces seemed to be disappearing as time went on).
Zoe and her neighbor buddy organized a race - complete with a "jersey", prizes and winning ribbons.
Unfortunately I could not participate, sprained ankle and all (and barley made it there).  However, the rain held off and Beach obliged in the fun!
Shiloh (who is not a fan of competitions) and Ezra (who was feeling pretty crummy) were also not participating.  The "winners"!
Another beloved activity was the nativity drive through at a near by church.
They do a fabulous job and it was a fun thing we could do together regardless of who was feeling well!
God gave me so much grace in another Saturday morning I was able to go to the holistic swap that I was hosting at the roaster.
We had a good little turn out, especially considering the time of the year and all the sickness that has been going around!
I mean!!!!
So much fun goodies from the morning!
Much of the time looked like this....holding this miserable little boy.
One day I managed to capture this smile, which I hadn't seen in a few days (very unlike him).
We had our staff over for our Christmas party....which I failed at taking many great pictures.
However, I did manage a couple of some of the awesome white elephant gifts.
We may or may not have scored a couple of gifts for out kids for Christmas through it.
Staff picture full of love!
The kids got to decorate a bit more when visiting my parents house as they saved a little ornaments for them to hang.
Zoe's ballet class preformed at a nursing home, in which I managed to only get this one picture.   I had a squirmy little boy in my lap that when I thought I was making a video turns out I had just pressed stop.  Ugggg.  At any rate the residents seemed to enjoy it and we got to give out lots of hugs and love before we left!
It is interesting that many lights and smiles can also hide the many tears from the month...