Thursday, August 31, 2017

Augusting It Up (Part 2)

With the business of this month I broke it down into two segments (part 1 here) to spread out the continuing with the month...
Little Ezra finally got his date with all of our kids know that Pelicans exists!
Sometimes the giggles get the best of her....
Watermelon drool and all....she couldn't stop even when she didn't want her picture taken!
When Ezra heard that Beach was going to cut the grass one morning, he was quick to bust out the little lawnmowers.  Ezra is constantly mowing this piece of grass, he was beyond excited that daddy was now joining in too!
Beach is a good sport!
While cleaning up downstairs, I came back upstairs to see that the girls had laid out all their things ready for school to start (in several days)!  They are pretty stoked!
Now that daddy has done his dates, it was mommy's turn.  Zoe was up first and we headed out to Edventure.
Some kind man offered to take our picture!
Zoe found her own hiding spot!
We waited for quite a while for Zoe to be able to sit in this seat and pretend to fly.  It was fun how they had it cut out of the building it seemed.
She did her own flying as well!
We even found our own butterfly in the garden.
Zoe spent some time in the veterinarian's section taking care of many of the animals!
Ezra is in love with the "Here is Thumpkin" game and we often play multiple times a day.  Side note: I never realized how great it is in developing fine modor skills.
We made it to the Free Times 80's party in celebration for Beach getting runner up in Best Barista and Best Small Business Owner.
It was pretty fun....more so in that we got to hang out with some friends we had not seen in way to long!
We wear our sunglasses at night!
Sweet Shiloh reading to Ezra's stuffed animal!
One of the great businesses that we roast coffee for was opening a coffee house at our alma mater, CIU.  We visited during their grand opening to show our support!
The kids enjoyed the samples and getting to sit at the bar!  They had an awesome turn out, which we were glad to see!
How cute are the cookies that they had made that represent the coffee wagon across town!
The kids thought they were something as well!
Cheers to you Grace Coffee Company.....may this bring even more grace to your family and the  plethora of students  (who we all know could use a little more caffeine) in a place we hold so dear.
I had to keep this sweet picture that Shiloh took of Ezra!
In sorting through many of our old items, Beach came across his Game Boy and was more than happy to show Zoe how it worked!  (Tongue out for focus.)
We will be joining daddy even more at work during school hours, as I am able to help out more.
Ezra enjoys getting the up close version of how everything works!
After that month I say we could all use a little rest!

Augusting it Up (Part 1)

Wow, the month of August we seemed to pack really full (hence the breakdown into a couple of blogs so not to be to overwhelming).  I felt like June was busy with our Cali trip, and July I helped my parents a lot with packing their house and settling back into ours.  When August rolled around I realized, ugggg, that means school will be starting back soon!!!  So we enjoyed out last days of summer together with baseball games, trips downtown, the solar eclipse, eating in the dark, processing hatred in our country and emotionally preparing for the start of school, before the big day arrived.   
So these were the in-betweens that I don't want to forget! The love of reading has run strong this summer.
Zoe is devouring chapter books now, about one a day!
So that means many trips to the library.  We enjoy their summer programs, like this amazing one put on through Edventure regarding the weather.
One night I happened to see a friend post about Kids Night Out at Irmo park.
I'm so not spontaneous, but something got into me and I scrapped dinner and we headed out.  The kids really didn't think I was serious at first but they enjoyed the time when we got there!
Large armadillos to hug...
along with slides....
and firetrucks brought many smiles!
We do love our community!
 Ezra is very much into climbing these days.  Zoe enjoyed showing him the ropes of flipping off the couch...
which he ate up until I put a stop to things (and took some pictures)!
Ezra is still beyond in love with his Koalie bear....each night he has me sing and pray through it to him (and he still nurses him on occasion).
Saturdays have been full trying to get our basement/garage more presentable.  This time I allowed the girls to help me paint and they LOVED was fun having them join in this activity!
The girls are old enough to bathe/shower themselves, which is wonderful by the way.  Shiloh loves being able to clean her hair in the bath.
"Take a picture of me mommy!"
The date night with daddy....this time Shiloh was up!
We managed to fit in another cooking lesson, this time focusing on knife and cutting skills!
That was not quite fun we added in some baking muffins, too!
End of the year reading wrap up party with Cocky!  Always a treat!
Zoe was beyond excited when we were able to actually have a play date with her amazing school friend, who she had missed all summer!
The attempt at a crazy face!
We love finding and hiding rocks from Irmo Rocks....such a fun idea!
Somebody lost another tooth!  That one in the middle that had been hanging on for months (followed by its twin the next day)!  Zoe was beyond thrilled!
So much fun and more to come in the next blog...