Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May It Always Be So Sweet

May is full of wrapping up the end of the school year fun (Shiloh and Zoe) and gearing up for summer!  However, there is one special Grammy who has a birthday this month!
Homemade gifts and cards from the girls...
Including creative juices flowing to make a scroll declaring her love.
You are's to another amazing special year!
The kids set this up on their own one of course I had to take a picture.
When ezra climbed in and laid in the landry basket it took me back to how I used to take his picture each month of his first year of life in it.... 
Be still my momma baby heart!
A couple of mornings a week, while big sisters are at school, I get my little boy all to myself.
Knowing that this one on one time would seem get a long pause over the summer, I attempted to soak in a quick trip to the park in between errands.
I love getting the chance to slow down enough to see things through his perspective.
Side note: He had to smell the water (from his finger).
Such a special mommy son time indeed!
Until next school year my little love!
Often if the kids see me reading the Bible, they want me to read it aloud to them (regardless of what I'm reading) and have many questions along the way.  Shiloh happened to pick up my phone on one of theses occasions and snapped this picture.  I LOVE it, as it captures a true moment of our day.   And I LOVE that it is under the artwork my sister did of me (when she was in college) with my own mother as a child.
God blessed us with another amazing coffee opportunity when Beach was on our local TV program, Let It Grow, to share our wonderful business!
Can I just say we so appreciate our chiropractors at Maximized Living!  They often have spacial days (this Mother's day one complete with roses, balloons, and mini massages), and when the kids are great they get to check out the water fountain in the back.  For real, they are amazing and have made a huge difference for our family!
So I have major mixed feelings about my middle in big time school for next year.  I suppose when the time rolls around she will feel the same, too.  She had a blast, though, checking it out at their open house and then for testing!
We love summer member's night at the zoo as daddy is able to join us and we get to ride the rides!
The kids wanted to go on it carousal ride so often that I begin to feel motion know your old when....
The seals exhibit was very busy...Ezra had a good view, assisted by his beard hold for safety!
Ezra's favorite by far, is the train ride!  It's worth it to wait in line (where I always seem to get bitten by misquotes) to see his excitement and joy of the train!
Until next time zoo!
On our 12-year wedding anniversary we drove daddy to the airport to send him across country for perfecting his craft even more...
gave him some last minute hugs...
and began counting down the days until he returned.  Don't worry we got to go on a date and grab dinner and go trip shopping (in peace) the night before.
Our big celebration will be in a few weeks, where I will join him for round two of his training (a major highlight of next month to be sure)!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Finding Her Rhythm

My little ballerina and her first part in the Big Show with South Carolina Christian Dance Theatre was so fun!
I was able to get there a bit early to wait in line to save seats.  The beautiful story of Queen Ester!
While your not allowed to take pictures of the show yourself, they do have a professional photographer, Ashley Medlin, who captured some amazing shots!
Fortunately, Zoe's dance was during the first part of the show, which did not disappoint!  Zoe's class just had four little dancers, so they really had to pay attention.  Her beaming smile was not to be missed!
During intermission we took the other littles (who were doing fabulous just sitting for the show - Shiloh had her weighed pillow, which helped) to stretch and get out a little energy.
There is always energy to get out!
I brought some flowers before heading back in...
After the show we were so excited to see our little dancer!
She was pretty excited herself and to get flowers.  I love the expression on their faces!
We had to get a picture with our girl...proud parents!
And the rest of the family that came!
Poppy loves his Grands!
Outside Zoe did some adorable little moves which I had to include to remember her smile...
and silly faces that she can make!
Thankful for a very special time together!
The next week they had a time for pictures and to preform their dance one last time for the parents in the studio.
A silly group!
My favorite part of the company is that they truly are Christ centered.  No better way to dance then unto the Lord!
My beautiful ballerina enjoyed it so much and will be back next year!