Thursday, May 18, 2017

Shiloh's End of 4K Events

Shiloh's first school experience came to a close with some fun events...
including her fund run (tons of kids running loops to raise money for the school).
I had no idea how she would really do, as she enjoys being active if it is her idea and only if it is her idea.  However, I was so surprised that she kept going the entire time!
Apparently it looked like so much fun Ezra really wanted to join in!
I think Shiloh ended up doing 19 laps (Rubber Bands helped keep the record) proud of her for staying with it!
We hung out outside for a bit while the others ran and attempted to stay cool under a tree.
One of her rewards was Pelican Ice....which she wast trilled about.
I didn't realize that she was getting them that day, so we ended up with two, which Ez was very happy about.
He attempted to join in all the class activities.
The bounce houses were a hit, as always.
Another day they had Muffins for Moms and then the moms were encouraged to attend Chapel with their littles.  Between Shiloh and Ezra, this was a stressful event for this momma....the only picture that I took, represents Shiloh pretty well at the time.
Then her end of the year party, complete with a smorgasbord of snack time!
Enough to share with the parents, too.

Some fun water play outside.
And some final pictures with her loving teachers from this year!
Thankful that she was loved on and cared for during our brief times apart this year!

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