Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mother's Day in Style

This Mother's day was a bit different.  After church we had brunch with some friends!
#DadLife looks pretty good on them!
Let's be honest....we rarely take the kids out as it can be pretty stressful BUT now that they were getting older we thought we would try it!
The great thing about Capital City Club is the view (and the buffet meant we didn't have to wait on the food)!  It must be the best view of the city.
Side note...doesn't my friend have a "back of a champion!" (as stated by Zoe).
The cutest little 3-year-old boys!
They even brought binoculars that were kindly shared to get the best view!
Capital City had a frame craft that all the kids enjoyed. My little boy paused long enough for a kiss for his momma!
However, he did not appreciate my attempts at a smiling picture and this was the intense "cheese" I got!
The finished group frame that didn't quite get finished is an interesting contrast with the picture we had taken there....and I love it!
The crazy fun we had!
Sweet and....
Crazy siblings!
The day would not be complete without cards from my girls!
We got to spend the evening with my own momma (and I even had a sorbet dessert I could eat - thanks Danielle).
Zoe didn't want to be left out of the one with her too!
However, the special mother-daughter time tradition did not happen until the following weekend. 
Keeping with out tradition of brunch and creating together, this time with a growing touch!
 Danielle, yet again, organized a sweet morning/afternoon of creating succulent planters (she also took these pictures).
   We had a variety of containers that made for a beautiful final work.
 Momma with her girls...
 The end result was so wonderful we even had a little tree frog visit at the end. 
Then it was time to chow down on our yummy dainty food!
Silly mom couldn't resist on being silly....and I couldn't resist on including it!
My hearts with the best momma there ever was!

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