Thursday, May 25, 2017

Finding Her Rhythm

My little ballerina and her first part in the Big Show with South Carolina Christian Dance Theatre was so fun!
I was able to get there a bit early to wait in line to save seats.  The beautiful story of Queen Ester!
While your not allowed to take pictures of the show yourself, they do have a professional photographer, Ashley Medlin, who captured some amazing shots!
Fortunately, Zoe's dance was during the first part of the show, which did not disappoint!  Zoe's class just had four little dancers, so they really had to pay attention.  Her beaming smile was not to be missed!
During intermission we took the other littles (who were doing fabulous just sitting for the show - Shiloh had her weighed pillow, which helped) to stretch and get out a little energy.
There is always energy to get out!
I brought some flowers before heading back in...
After the show we were so excited to see our little dancer!
She was pretty excited herself and to get flowers.  I love the expression on their faces!
We had to get a picture with our girl...proud parents!
And the rest of the family that came!
Poppy loves his Grands!
Outside Zoe did some adorable little moves which I had to include to remember her smile...
and silly faces that she can make!
Thankful for a very special time together!
The next week they had a time for pictures and to preform their dance one last time for the parents in the studio.
A silly group!
My favorite part of the company is that they truly are Christ centered.  No better way to dance then unto the Lord!
My beautiful ballerina enjoyed it so much and will be back next year!

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