Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Walk it out girl!

My baby really isn't so much of a baby now but with all her moving and shaking she really is a toddler....I can't believe it. So sad and so exciting all at once. Tonight she spent many, many, many laps around the kitchen, living room, dinning room area without really even stopping much. Very focused on her work and telling us about it with her babble. This pic was taken a little later but shows her love of walking!
Yet again, I think she is getting another trait of mine. I have a hard time stopping.....hard stopping many things that I'm doing, good and bad. Take working out....years ago I had to limit myself to just 2 hours at the gym at a time (I know that seems like a lot now) or I would just keep going. I would play tennis forever (did I mention I can hardly even hit the ball). The computer games of the past that I just won't start, minesweeper, hearts, beg for "just one more game". Oh, and don't get me started on food! The OC trait is very powerful!

At any rate, I hope that Zoe will be able to focus all that energy in a positive way. Perhaps even being a runner like both
parents were back in the day.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Long Awaited (Birthday) Date

In that my man's birthday is rolling around again, we used it as a good excuse to go on a date and spend some long awaited time together. Love that so many places give out coupons for your birthday and we think we found one of the best yet!

We made a quick stop for treats and a great sale to spend a gift certificate at Miss Cockey! They have some oh so cute stuff (most of which I can't afford without such a grand deal). We walked away with many goodies and a goodie bag to match!

Our next stop was California Dreaming.....ummmm; haven't been there in years and their salad was just as good as I remember. Guess what, it was prom night for many of the dinners there. I couldn't help but beam as we walked to our table and I watched theses young creatures all made up for their evening. You see that was were my husband took me for our Junior year prom. How long ago was that, hun? Oh, wait 14 years....hummmm maybe I could still pass as prom goer. I couldn't help but wonder if I had known about this beforehand if I wouldn't have thrown on my prom dress from back in the day for dinner, just for kicks. Beach was probably glad that I did not have the opportunity to do so.
For laughs, I included a picture from our scrap book...Me with my hair falling down and Beach looking pretty excited! Prom '07!
By the way, Beach greatly enjoyed his filet mignon (yep they allow you to order WHATEVER you want for your free entire - just make sure you sign up online for their birthday VIP club beforehand). We managed to remember to take a pic before it was all demolished! As good as my salad was, getting towards the end, I found a large hair. Determined not to gag or let it ruin the night, I allowed the server just to send me home with another salad. Walking out, more smiles and glad that we could have two salads and steak for 10 bucks (plus tip).
We had to top it off with birthday ice cream...ummmmm. May I say it's been a long time for such a treat and oh so good! Can't Beach have a birthday more than once a year?!?!?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Grand Visit

We had Beach's parents visit for a few days all the way from Michigan. Long journey, I know, as we have taken such a few times ourselves. We were thankful that they could come for Zoe's first birthday and see some of the extended family!
Zoe showed off some of her walking skills.
And Grandma, who always seems to have on a fresh coat of bright red lipstick, could not help but shower her in kisses (who could blame her). I like this pic as you can see how her face is in the process of almost getting covered in the red gunk.
We have not been out to eat much at all with Zoe, as she can be a challenge, at times. I hate to have MY screaming baby disturb other dinners. However, we found a trick that worked. Upon visiting the Villa (with some extra coupons from, a special place to Beach and I as it was our first date, we found a trick that worked with Zoe!
She loves lemons!!! As long as she had one to eat and chew on she was one quiet happy baby!

We were thankful that Beach's mom and dad could make it here for some special time!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lions and Tigers and....Walking?... oh my!

So we got an awesome gift from my mom of a zoo pass for Zoe's birthday. Zoe LOVES dogs so much that I knew it would be something our whole family could enjoy. With temps in the low 80s it was just perfect for our first trip while Beach's parents were down visiting from MI (where it had snow the day they left).
I loved seeing Zoe's reactions and joy to the day. She appeared to be studding much at these new creatures. I feel I got glimpses of her personality emerging at different points.
When a gorilla came charging down the hill to the window (which seemed to scare the couple of adults that were standing there), Zoe did not appear concerned but continued to want to get closer.
She, also, attempted to pick up the iguana, but luckily there was glass between them.
When in the barn area, Zoe loved watching the goats get feed. Laughing at how close they would get to her face. I think they were her favorite animal.
However, after being carried around for sometime, she demanded to get down. Walking was her greatest joy. She would only want to hold on to one person's finger at a time, two hands were to much and none were to scary. So she walked for well over an hour and I loved every second of it!
"You coming guys?"
A way we go until next time...