Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Grand Visit

We had Beach's parents visit for a few days all the way from Michigan. Long journey, I know, as we have taken such a few times ourselves. We were thankful that they could come for Zoe's first birthday and see some of the extended family!
Zoe showed off some of her walking skills.
And Grandma, who always seems to have on a fresh coat of bright red lipstick, could not help but shower her in kisses (who could blame her). I like this pic as you can see how her face is in the process of almost getting covered in the red gunk.
We have not been out to eat much at all with Zoe, as she can be a challenge, at times. I hate to have MY screaming baby disturb other dinners. However, we found a trick that worked. Upon visiting the Villa (with some extra coupons from, a special place to Beach and I as it was our first date, we found a trick that worked with Zoe!
She loves lemons!!! As long as she had one to eat and chew on she was one quiet happy baby!

We were thankful that Beach's mom and dad could make it here for some special time!

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