Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Long Awaited (Birthday) Date

In that my man's birthday is rolling around again, we used it as a good excuse to go on a date and spend some long awaited time together. Love that so many places give out coupons for your birthday and we think we found one of the best yet!

We made a quick stop for treats and a great sale to spend a gift certificate at Miss Cockey! They have some oh so cute stuff (most of which I can't afford without such a grand deal). We walked away with many goodies and a goodie bag to match!

Our next stop was California Dreaming.....ummmm; haven't been there in years and their salad was just as good as I remember. Guess what, it was prom night for many of the dinners there. I couldn't help but beam as we walked to our table and I watched theses young creatures all made up for their evening. You see that was were my husband took me for our Junior year prom. How long ago was that, hun? Oh, wait 14 years....hummmm maybe I could still pass as prom goer. I couldn't help but wonder if I had known about this beforehand if I wouldn't have thrown on my prom dress from back in the day for dinner, just for kicks. Beach was probably glad that I did not have the opportunity to do so.
For laughs, I included a picture from our scrap book...Me with my hair falling down and Beach looking pretty excited! Prom '07!
By the way, Beach greatly enjoyed his filet mignon (yep they allow you to order WHATEVER you want for your free entire - just make sure you sign up online for their birthday VIP club beforehand). We managed to remember to take a pic before it was all demolished! As good as my salad was, getting towards the end, I found a large hair. Determined not to gag or let it ruin the night, I allowed the server just to send me home with another salad. Walking out, more smiles and glad that we could have two salads and steak for 10 bucks (plus tip).
We had to top it off with birthday ice cream...ummmmm. May I say it's been a long time for such a treat and oh so good! Can't Beach have a birthday more than once a year?!?!?

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  1. It was a great night. I know where we are going for your birthday!