Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Walk it out girl!

My baby really isn't so much of a baby now but with all her moving and shaking she really is a toddler....I can't believe it. So sad and so exciting all at once. Tonight she spent many, many, many laps around the kitchen, living room, dinning room area without really even stopping much. Very focused on her work and telling us about it with her babble. This pic was taken a little later but shows her love of walking!
Yet again, I think she is getting another trait of mine. I have a hard time stopping.....hard stopping many things that I'm doing, good and bad. Take working out....years ago I had to limit myself to just 2 hours at the gym at a time (I know that seems like a lot now) or I would just keep going. I would play tennis forever (did I mention I can hardly even hit the ball). The computer games of the past that I just won't start, minesweeper, hearts, beg for "just one more game". Oh, and don't get me started on food! The OC trait is very powerful!

At any rate, I hope that Zoe will be able to focus all that energy in a positive way. Perhaps even being a runner like both
parents were back in the day.

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