Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yummmm crayons!

Zoe loves crayons! To try to use them on the easel, walk around the house with them and her favorite....to eat them. Luckily for the walls and floors of our house, she hasn't quite figured out how to make them work. Part of the reason her old easel writing is still up, is so she can a least see what it would look like. Oh, she does try, will even try with her finger but that does not stop her love for the colorful creations.
To try to derail the consumption of a large amount of wax by my daughter (without taking away her beloved toy); I have discovered that she loves to chew on large carrots. Now, that has not taken away her desire completely for tasting of all the colors but at least it does cut it down, helps with the teething and gives her some nutrition. Awwweee the joys of discovery......for both of us.


  1. so funny. She is getting so big!! Ashlyn loves them too...but thankfully has not tried eating them :)

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