Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Welcome Spring....I mean January!

Well so far we have LOVED 2017!  Besides our snow day...here is what else we have been up to this month.  
During her Christmas break, Grammy was able to go to the art museum with us!
It was nice as it has been awhile since we have gone (due to Shiloh now being in school those days), and they had an amazing exhibit of period costumes that had been in the moves.
They made their own decorative hats, which were fun (and full of glue).
We even dressed up a bit ourselves in the kid room!
I got to go on a sister date with Lauren where we went to our first Moxie event.
It was nice getting to have some time to slowly create and chat together and meet new friends.
They also had face painting and hair braiding.  I haven't had either since I was a child but had fun playing anyway!
who did some fun head shots...
And I had to get one with my sister!
One last exiting photo with our new friend!
YOU are enough!
Can we just talk a minute about how amazing this weather has been!?!?  Yes we did have our one "snow day" but them in the 60's and 70's pretty much the remainder of the month.  This meant we spent most afternoons in the yard, playing on the hammock and doing yard work.  I will eventually get it all done!  Playing/working till it is to dark to see is my kind of afternoon!
Zoe was excited to return to taking ballet classes again!
We did have some sickness in our house the beginning of the month but luckily Beach was well enough to go on our planned date!
Off to the fun little town of Newberry!
The Flying Pie for the obvious and the taste of variety and life planning!
As a Christmas present we got tickets for Artrageous.  It was a lot of fun!  They have singing, dancing and artist all in one.  They were originally street performers that now travel the world.  They really are amazing artist and know how to rock a crowd!
The variety of music had us singing a long.  Beach better be thankful that he wasn't feeling well or I would have dragged him on stage as well ;-)
It's been a couple of years since we went bowling and a friend's birthday party was a great excuse for some fun and celebration!
They were so busy that they ran out of shoes...barefoot bowl anyone?
Happiest of birthday's cuz!  We enjoyed it!
We (Loveland Coffee) really enjoy being connected to local businesses!  We were excited to support Blue Flour Bakery in their grand opening of their downtown store.
I take any chance I get to stand next to my man!
They had an amazing display with way to many goodies to chose from!
If your downtown check them out on Main Street right near the capital building!
Representing the Irmo end of things, Primal Gourmet was also there!  This place is beyond amazing!
A play date with friends and this was the only picture I was able to capture before the camera died!  Oh, well at least I have some cuteness to remember the morning by!
We love our movie nights around here.  It's always amazing to get them all sitting still and snugly!
And just like that our month was gone!  Off to play/work more now in the sunshine that is calling my name!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Word! (for '16 and '17)

The past few years I have chosen a focused word to try to meditate and focus on throughout the year. It seems to take me awhile to figure it out, through prayer, what is fitting and what I think the Lord may want me to grow deeper in.  At an awesome recent Moxie event, I had the opportunity to paint anything on a small canvas, so guess what I chose to paint!
I realized last year I never even wrote up my focus word of "Bloom".  I recall really struggling last year, as to know exactly my place.  I wanted to do more than what was currently taking place (which was taking care of my babies in between the nasty sicknesses I kept fighting).  I felt like I had more to give but just couldn't.  The Lord really brought me to (and through) a season of needing to rest more, say "no", cut back and focus.  He gently told me he wanted me to bloom where I was planted, and for this season it just meant in my own home.  For this doer it was hard but then oh so comforting knowing that He has this in his control, and my "job" was to make my current situation beautiful and to be a fragrant aroma to those that I may encounter.  May I always bloom where I am planted and may I, also, be open to wherever he wants to plant me!
Thankful for last years grace full word, as most of the year I continued to struggle with my health, but I was working on it!  It was and continues to be a challenge (but one that I feel we are now headed in the right direction).  So this year what I desire is to HEAL.  While the obvious angle is through my health, it is not just limited to that.  The Lord has been working on many spiritual hurts in my past.  I want him to continue to heal them and to heal hard spaces in my marriage, parenting and heart. While I will do everything I can on my end to work towards HEALing, I know the ultimate healer and will continue to come at his feet in anticipation of what He is going to do this year!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snowing It Up!

Well in good old Columbia we get a bit a snow maybe every other year.  Not having feet and feet to deal with, like my northern family is beyond OK with me! However, when they were calling for a chance for some this weekend the kids were beyond excited (and momma some, too, although doubtful).  We like to get our hopes up around this town.
To celebrate we had a dutch baby cake and bacon.  Whether or not we got any white stuff in, it was a great excuse for a special yummy meal.
So when the dusting began the kids were thrilled.  It had been a couple of years so it was beyond exciting.
After a covering occurred on our porch we went outside to play, PJ's and all!
The kids loved attempting to throw the "snow" at each other.
And attempt to catch it in their mouths.
Our neighbors wondered over, too!
Bringing their own little snowman with them!
Other more snowy people may laugh at how much fun we had with what we had.
but I was just so thankful for out little fun!
Zoe definitely nailed me with some snow when I was taking her picture.
She was pretty pleased with herself (momma not so much).
I want to hold on to their giggles forever!
We did manage to scrape up enough to build a snowman of our own!  
We would love another day with a bit more snow for play but we will take what we get!  Happy Snow Day 2017!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Loveland Christmas

The Loveland grands arrived a couple of days after Christmas, but of course brought another time of Christmas with them!
They wanted to open gifts right away, so after setting everything up that just what we did!

The men explained to Ezra how his new snow globe worked!
He was pretty enamored with it having a miniature car in there!

Ez and Daddy, also, got a kit that they will work on in years to come!

The girls had many surprises!

Including special necklaces that had to be worn right away!
It was yet again another fun fun Christmas!
The next day Zoe wanted to pose for a picture in her new dress from Grandma...
(as a ballerina in case you were wondering).

The weather wasn't to cold one night so we headed to see the lights at the zoo.

They still wanted to pose with the monkey....despite it being dark and you couldn't actually see him.

Nothing says Christmas like milking a cow.
Letters to Santa....or really just an excuse to make art for my artist.
We attempted a picture with the Grands.

However, the following couple of pictures are a great example of how life often is at our house (and why I end up taking so many pictures!)
Note the middle child in all her middle glory.
At least there was no violence in our picture.
The musical Christmas tree was a hit with our littles and we stayed there for quite some time allowing them to dance to the music/light show.
I had other patient adults with me to allow them to experience such joy.

I do so enjoy just watching them capture life and not worry about what others are doing but just allowing the beautiful music to get them moving without inhibition.

Making a gingerbread house with Grandma!
Ezra was stoked to be able to get in on the action.
We managed to get it to stay up (no small task)!
(I had to include this picture as it is to fun!)
One day Beach's cousin, Nathanael, got to hang out with him in the kiosk!  It's a long way to California where he lives, so it was treasured time!
 And he got to show his family around the roaster.

 The girls had a blast playing with him, there were giggles all around!
That evening we got to get together with all of Beach's extended family.

The men representing!
Aunt Nancy gave the littles some little treasures!
And all the kids loved watching a Christmas clip!

The Lovelands have a tradition of taking us out to eat, usually to a local Mexican restaurant right near the business!
I had to include the lower picture as it is another demonstration about what most photo attempts look like!
Grandma was really into doing word search puzzles, and Zoe would attempt to help her out from time to time.  This occasion she tried on Grandma's glasses to see if they would help.
Popcorn and movie time!
Ezra loves his Grandpa!
All the boys and their hats!
Another Grand visit in the books!