Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Welcome Spring....I mean January!

Well so far we have LOVED 2017!  Besides our snow day...here is what else we have been up to this month.  
During her Christmas break, Grammy was able to go to the art museum with us!
It was nice as it has been awhile since we have gone (due to Shiloh now being in school those days), and they had an amazing exhibit of period costumes that had been in the moves.
They made their own decorative hats, which were fun (and full of glue).
We even dressed up a bit ourselves in the kid room!
I got to go on a sister date with Lauren where we went to our first Moxie event.
It was nice getting to have some time to slowly create and chat together and meet new friends.
They also had face painting and hair braiding.  I haven't had either since I was a child but had fun playing anyway!
who did some fun head shots...
And I had to get one with my sister!
One last exiting photo with our new friend!
YOU are enough!
Can we just talk a minute about how amazing this weather has been!?!?  Yes we did have our one "snow day" but them in the 60's and 70's pretty much the remainder of the month.  This meant we spent most afternoons in the yard, playing on the hammock and doing yard work.  I will eventually get it all done!  Playing/working till it is to dark to see is my kind of afternoon!
Zoe was excited to return to taking ballet classes again!
We did have some sickness in our house the beginning of the month but luckily Beach was well enough to go on our planned date!
Off to the fun little town of Newberry!
The Flying Pie for the obvious and the taste of variety and life planning!
As a Christmas present we got tickets for Artrageous.  It was a lot of fun!  They have singing, dancing and artist all in one.  They were originally street performers that now travel the world.  They really are amazing artist and know how to rock a crowd!
The variety of music had us singing a long.  Beach better be thankful that he wasn't feeling well or I would have dragged him on stage as well ;-)
It's been a couple of years since we went bowling and a friend's birthday party was a great excuse for some fun and celebration!
They were so busy that they ran out of shoes...barefoot bowl anyone?
Happiest of birthday's cuz!  We enjoyed it!
We (Loveland Coffee) really enjoy being connected to local businesses!  We were excited to support Blue Flour Bakery in their grand opening of their downtown store.
I take any chance I get to stand next to my man!
They had an amazing display with way to many goodies to chose from!
If your downtown check them out on Main Street right near the capital building!
Representing the Irmo end of things, Primal Gourmet was also there!  This place is beyond amazing!
A play date with friends and this was the only picture I was able to capture before the camera died!  Oh, well at least I have some cuteness to remember the morning by!
We love our movie nights around here.  It's always amazing to get them all sitting still and snugly!
And just like that our month was gone!  Off to play/work more now in the sunshine that is calling my name!

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