Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snowing It Up!

Well in good old Columbia we get a bit a snow maybe every other year.  Not having feet and feet to deal with, like my northern family is beyond OK with me! However, when they were calling for a chance for some this weekend the kids were beyond excited (and momma some, too, although doubtful).  We like to get our hopes up around this town.
To celebrate we had a dutch baby cake and bacon.  Whether or not we got any white stuff in, it was a great excuse for a special yummy meal.
So when the dusting began the kids were thrilled.  It had been a couple of years so it was beyond exciting.
After a covering occurred on our porch we went outside to play, PJ's and all!
The kids loved attempting to throw the "snow" at each other.
And attempt to catch it in their mouths.
Our neighbors wondered over, too!
Bringing their own little snowman with them!
Other more snowy people may laugh at how much fun we had with what we had.
but I was just so thankful for out little fun!
Zoe definitely nailed me with some snow when I was taking her picture.
She was pretty pleased with herself (momma not so much).
I want to hold on to their giggles forever!
We did manage to scrape up enough to build a snowman of our own!  
We would love another day with a bit more snow for play but we will take what we get!  Happy Snow Day 2017!

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