Thursday, January 19, 2017

Word! (for '16 and '17)

The past few years I have chosen a focused word to try to meditate and focus on throughout the year. It seems to take me awhile to figure it out, through prayer, what is fitting and what I think the Lord may want me to grow deeper in.  At an awesome recent Moxie event, I had the opportunity to paint anything on a small canvas, so guess what I chose to paint!
I realized last year I never even wrote up my focus word of "Bloom".  I recall really struggling last year, as to know exactly my place.  I wanted to do more than what was currently taking place (which was taking care of my babies in between the nasty sicknesses I kept fighting).  I felt like I had more to give but just couldn't.  The Lord really brought me to (and through) a season of needing to rest more, say "no", cut back and focus.  He gently told me he wanted me to bloom where I was planted, and for this season it just meant in my own home.  For this doer it was hard but then oh so comforting knowing that He has this in his control, and my "job" was to make my current situation beautiful and to be a fragrant aroma to those that I may encounter.  May I always bloom where I am planted and may I, also, be open to wherever he wants to plant me!
Thankful for last years grace full word, as most of the year I continued to struggle with my health, but I was working on it!  It was and continues to be a challenge (but one that I feel we are now headed in the right direction).  So this year what I desire is to HEAL.  While the obvious angle is through my health, it is not just limited to that.  The Lord has been working on many spiritual hurts in my past.  I want him to continue to heal them and to heal hard spaces in my marriage, parenting and heart. While I will do everything I can on my end to work towards HEALing, I know the ultimate healer and will continue to come at his feet in anticipation of what He is going to do this year!


  1. Bloom and Heal are 2 words i have been focusing on too this year. It's so nice, interesting, and encouraging to read these same words on your blog page. This a beautiful blog post. Thank you for sharing your loving thoughts and your beautiful heart with the world. Truly inspiring and it is much appreciated. Love you��

  2. And....i just wanted to say i am very happy that i met you at the Moxie event.

    1. I'm so glad we meet too! Thanks for your encouraging words! It means a lot!