Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Loveland Christmas

The Loveland grands arrived a couple of days after Christmas, but of course brought another time of Christmas with them!
They wanted to open gifts right away, so after setting everything up that just what we did!

The men explained to Ezra how his new snow globe worked!
He was pretty enamored with it having a miniature car in there!

Ez and Daddy, also, got a kit that they will work on in years to come!

The girls had many surprises!

Including special necklaces that had to be worn right away!
It was yet again another fun fun Christmas!
The next day Zoe wanted to pose for a picture in her new dress from Grandma...
(as a ballerina in case you were wondering).

The weather wasn't to cold one night so we headed to see the lights at the zoo.

They still wanted to pose with the monkey....despite it being dark and you couldn't actually see him.

Nothing says Christmas like milking a cow.
Letters to Santa....or really just an excuse to make art for my artist.
We attempted a picture with the Grands.

However, the following couple of pictures are a great example of how life often is at our house (and why I end up taking so many pictures!)
Note the middle child in all her middle glory.
At least there was no violence in our picture.
The musical Christmas tree was a hit with our littles and we stayed there for quite some time allowing them to dance to the music/light show.
I had other patient adults with me to allow them to experience such joy.

I do so enjoy just watching them capture life and not worry about what others are doing but just allowing the beautiful music to get them moving without inhibition.

Making a gingerbread house with Grandma!
Ezra was stoked to be able to get in on the action.
We managed to get it to stay up (no small task)!
(I had to include this picture as it is to fun!)
One day Beach's cousin, Nathanael, got to hang out with him in the kiosk!  It's a long way to California where he lives, so it was treasured time!
 And he got to show his family around the roaster.

 The girls had a blast playing with him, there were giggles all around!
That evening we got to get together with all of Beach's extended family.

The men representing!
Aunt Nancy gave the littles some little treasures!
And all the kids loved watching a Christmas clip!

The Lovelands have a tradition of taking us out to eat, usually to a local Mexican restaurant right near the business!
I had to include the lower picture as it is another demonstration about what most photo attempts look like!
Grandma was really into doing word search puzzles, and Zoe would attempt to help her out from time to time.  This occasion she tried on Grandma's glasses to see if they would help.
Popcorn and movie time!
Ezra loves his Grandpa!
All the boys and their hats!
Another Grand visit in the books!

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