Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love in the air

We had some sweet Valentine activities, including a fun children's event at the art museum.
Cousins were there, too, and I even caught a picture of Uncle Aaron in his own art.
He also shared some of his pictures with me (just assume any of the awesome ones here are his).
We were pretty excited that daddy was able to come too!
Glenna gave us a great family tour of the traveling exhibits costumes...
with some hands on fabric pieces to keep the fingers busy.
A fun photo both set up!
Cray Cray cousins!
We caught an interesting performance of Pinocchio while we were there.
Such a beautiful day and a beautiful time!
Bonus: kids were well worn out by the time we headed home!
On Valentines day I surprised my littles with balloons and frozen yogurt hearts.
They were excited and I like how this picture is one of the thousands that represent why I have to take multiple pictures (#Shiloh'sfaces)! 
Ezra, however, was not a fan of the yogurt being so cold...
but he got over it soon enough and enjoyed making a mess with it!
I loved being able to go to Shiloh's class party!
She decorated a cookie...
 and they handed out Valentine cards to one another.  It was precious and reminded me of how sweet this age is!  We didn't get around to Love Bombing anyone like we did last year BUT I hope to bring that tradition back next year!

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