Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love ya - bombed to prove it!

It can be tough...this love holiday tucked in the middle of such a cold month.  I know for those that are single (that don't want to be) it is a reminder, like no other, of their status.  At least it was for me at different parts in my life but this day can be so much more.  I want to transform this day's meaning in our family.  
We did get to do some of the traditional things, as Beach and I were both able to attend Zoe's school party.
And Grandma and Grandpa sent a love package for the littles all the way from Michigan.
The kids are always super excited about what these hold.
Beach had to work much of that Saturday.  So the girls and I made love bombs, and Beach came home with flowers for each of us.
Pieced together from some blogs I had read, we made cards and raw brownies.  Time being what it was, we only had enough to make a couple of drops to family the next day...
Leaving them as a surprise on their porch!  The kids (and I loved) this process, and I hope it will be a tradition (perhaps with better presentation and thought next year).  The underlying message....who can we reach out to and love today (instead of who is going to love us).
Then we just enjoy being all together in the evening!
Beach called me in the room later that night...."I have a new high for the day!"
Love it!  Who can you bomb in your life?

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