Monday, February 29, 2016

Humbled and the most conferences ever (Feb '16)

Another hard month in so many ways.  Several continual battles with sickness has left me humbled, pointing even more for my need of my Savior.  But I still wanted to highlight some of the highs!
Needed sun means I had to take the kiddos outside for a bit (even if I was feeling pretty weak still).  
Ezra enjoyed his first iced "coffee" (with no caffeine of course!).
We did some hanging around....and Zoe's face cracks me up!
Then she randomly stopped to do push ups along the trail. And Shiloh broke out in one of her interesting dances.
A friend stopped by with some fresh juice (you can tell I liked it) and helped me prep dinner and cleaned my bathroom!  What!  Yes, a huge blessing for a sick momma!
This month has also held a lot of personal growth through conferences.  I can't even tell you the last time I went to a conference (it's been a few years), so three in one month was crazy amazing.  
I was able to attend my first IF conference....stepping out of my comfort zone to go, and was so blessed by it. 
I didn't take any pics but just wanted to soak up the experience!  Beach was gracious enough to hold down the fort and the craziness (and captured their morning together)!  In leaving instructions to bring some basic fruit to my sister's party, he created this master piece.  Can I just say that he is so creative and does things that my mind would never even think of!
Surprise!  I was beyond blessed to be healthy enough to attend my sister's surprise birthday engagement party.  She was so radiant and full of joy surrounded by so many that love them!
They are so happy together and it is an exciting time for this new stage in her life!
The next day another kid down (Shiloh) had us at home but I got to finish IF on TV (that I missed in leaving earlier to attend the surprise party).  Resting in that grace!
Zoe has enjoyed using the nebulizer that a friend let me borrow as well.  I figured an extra dose of essential oils couldn't hurt her cough!
Oh, 100 days of school.  You brought much stress to Zoe, who couldn't decide if she wanted to trade in her cute dress for an elderly look.  She went for it, complete with powder on the hair in the last minute.
We're back art museum!  Shiloh lost in her stormy weather photo.
We hung out briefly afterwords as it was a bit warmer.
Happy birthday Addy!
A little snack to celebrate!
Inspired to whip up some avocado chocolate pudding and we all loved it!
Ezra was not happy he couldn't have any more.
And Shiloh just liked her first couple bites.
We had a great time on V-day attending a friends' party!
Ezra had a blast....despite my lack of pictures to prove it!
Back in December I snagged a couple of tickets  when I saw a good deal coming up in Newberry!
Add to it a great restaurant coupon and we had a awesome, unusual date!  If you are in town check out the Flying Pie (and grab a coupon first).
The Newberry Opera house was a first for us both, so fun to be so close.
The Yamato drummers were pretty amazing.  I have never seen anything like it.  I snuck a picture but these guys and girls went all out to put on an awesome show.  My date must have been pretty tired to fall asleep a couple of times though (despite the vibrating of the theater)!
I took a chance and brought Ezra to the reading program at Zoe's school.  He did alright (only crowding the librarian once) and it is so nice that he is getting a bit older to have him come along.
He is not so much into the crafts, yet.  But Shiloh enjoyed making her snowman!
 The weather has finally warmed up on some I want any excuse to get outside!  Our yard has many of them!  Usually I have a little baby or am to huge (with pregnancy) in the past to do much but this spring is going to be different, and I'm looking forward to cleaning our yard up a bit (Beach works to much to have time for such)!
My girls are willing to help some days!  Including  collecting rocks from around the yard to make a "rock train" boarder!  How fun it is to have them alongside me!  At a dollar a bucket they are a great deal too!  ;-)
I capped the month with our woman's conference - a true refreshment of the soul!  Alright 2016...I think I'm finally ready for ya!

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