Tuesday, March 1, 2016

We made it! Bring it on 4 - Shiloh!

The glorious ages have come, I do adore the range of 4-6, as there is still so much love involved yet reason and a bit more patience, too.  My dear, Shiloh, we have worked so hard to come to this time.  
I tried to think of things that you adore to make  your day special.  You were delighted to have a few decorations up before you awoke on your day.  One of your favorite things to do, and have only gotten to do one other time, is to visit your BFF at school.  You were so very excited that you packed your lunch by yourself the day before while I was working outside (complete with a large baggie holding 1 carrot).
So on your special day we had the privilege to attend sister's class, read them a book and then have lunch together.  You did a smashing job! Sister's teacher even remarked how amazing you did and that you were "ready for school".  I responded that it was a miracle.  Knowing how very far you have come since last year, when attempting to take you to a reading program seemed to be a joke and often left me in tears (we had to take a loooong break from even trying them again).   I had even debated enrolling you in a special needs program.  You have come  along way!
What a special treat indeed to share some ice-cream together.  Complements of a free coupon and you get to choose the mix-ins. 
We got to talk about what a mall was and somehow afterwards you convinced me to go into a near by clothing store.  I managed to find a dress on sale, even though we were just quickly running in, and you adored dancing in front of the dressing room windows.  
After picking Zoe up from school we had a fun quick trip to the playground and then off to the gymnastics that you love!  It's a joy for me to see you jump and swing on the bars, often looking to me to see if I had seen your actions!
Pasta for dinner, a special treat indeed at our house that got eaten quickly by all.  Then it was a yummy dessert, strawberry cupcakes that we had made together that morning.
The frosting would not work right for momma, stressing me out, but you didn't mind at all. 
 We opened a few gifts and your giving heart was quick to share with your sister.  You also appreciated the paper she made for you that morning.
You were excited to get the Frozen chap stick, the one thing you asked for!
One of my favorite parts of the day was snuggling with you and sister in bed.  I read from my blog about your birth story.  So happy I could go over those details and how you made your unique entrance into this world.  
My big girl, you often get mistaken for at least a year or two older (and you are taller then even some of the boys in your sister's class), yet your heart still longs to be little and asks when you will return to being baby.  So I am so thankful that I get to slow down and just hold and rock you.  You have such a loving spirit, so comforting to when someone is hurt.  Your curious mind brings up some awesome spiritual questions that are so good for my heart to ponder and return, too, as well.  You keep me humble and in need of the Father in the best ways to parent your strong willed self.  Your giving spirit is one that I admire, as it does not come easy for me, but just seems to flow from you.  You are so beautiful inside and out and I love looking into those big brown eyes!
I have had a blast with our special dates that we have managed to squeeze in, knowing that your middle child self needs such quality time. My darling, I'm so excited about what this year has in store and I hope our relationship continues to grow even more and more.  

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