Sunday, March 27, 2016

Resurrection Day 2016 style

A slower pace Resurrection Day!  I'm so thankful that we were all healthy and able to go to church!  We then had a great time at my parent's house that night...
Complete with an egg hunt for the littles.  Poppy gave the instructions.
The littlest littles got a head start.
They were pretty happy with the change that they found in the eggs!
We continued the tradition of making of resurrection rolls - this time having all the Hughes cousins join in.
I explained how it worked and then they got to get in on the action and get their hands dirty.
(OK...not the best for you BUT huge on the significance, gets the littles involved and they taste amazing!)
Then a feast for all to enjoy...
Especially the men who like to eat off bones.
A little presents for the birthday boy who just celebrated turning 2.
And some fun family pictures, including the love of my sisters.
Shiloh jumping in the picture with the Russells.
And a crazy photo request from ZoBugs!
Christ the Lord has Risen Indeed!

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