Monday, February 22, 2016

My boy - duces!

Seriously!  This boy melts me!
I cannot even begin to describe how much this past couple of years has meant to me to have this amazing soul in my life.  I was many times, how a little boy steals his mommy's heart, but seriously I had no idea!  Ezra continues to have such a joyful and loving presence that is so addictive.  
I must say the past month he has learned some 2's behavior and developing some autonomy (i.e. has started tantruming).  However, some quick time to himself and he is back to his polite self.  
He still answers "no" (but a softer tone) when be means "yes".  Even though I always say after it, "Yes, mam," which he is quick to repeat.  
It's so precious to see someone so small have manners all ready with his "excuse me" and constant "please". 
He loves being around his sisters, often trying to join in on their action (which they are usually accommodating to do so and even enjoy playing cars with him).  
He still is all about the vehicles....I never thought this would excite me as much as it does but I just love this about him.  
He is now into singing...or at least attempting to do so, which is always adorable.  
He has caught right on to my fill in the blanks and will often answer..."Ezra you need to be _____"...and in his little voice, "Patient" or "Just a _____"..." Minute."
We have gotten down to just one nursing session a day....the nap time one.  This is way longer then the girls and than I ever thought it would be. It still is such a comfort to him and part of a habit that will be hard to finally stop!  We do still love our lots of snuggle times after h    e wakes!
Sometimes lately he has been waking up early from his nap....but not quite ready to get up and may fall back asleep on his momma!
He will sit and look at books with me (as long as they involve vehicles)!
The day of Ezra's actually birthday the littles helped make a chocolate zucchini cake for that night.
We dinned outside with some of his favs....can I just say he makes the funniest faces!  So full of expressions!
Some cards and presents....including from the grands that sent their love!
All things boy for my little car lover!
Which he was pretty excited about and wanted opened right away!
Since the weather was so amazing...we also had a fun time running around on the golf course.
Ezra is always attempting to catch up with his sisters!
And finding a tree they always love to climb and explore.
To my little boy that I did not even know I could love so much!  I never forget each day how thankful I am that the Lord blessed us with you!  Telling you I love you will never ever stop!  We love you little Baba!

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