Monday, March 14, 2016

The Big 2, 4, 6 Birthday trip

So this year I gave the girls the option....another birthday all together or a trip (all the kids birthdays fall within a month of each other).  They didn't know anything about Great Wolf Lodge but after I saw a  groupon for it and showed them  a promo - of course they were interested!  Yes!  This momma loves to travel and I knew this would be a great time for our family (plus it was about the same price as a party without all the work and stress!).
You know it is never a good idea to have high expectations, and even though there were some bumps in the road, overall it was a great experience!

The long line to check in (think amusement park ride - just to check in!) took awhile, so Beach had the kids change in the car while I waited.

There was a girl wolf in the lobby to greet us before we plunged in!

It was well worth it for the joy it brought the kids (and us all) once we finally were able to make it to the water!
Ezra was intimated by the whole ordeal so he spent most of his time being held.
He still had a great time, too, though!
And daddy and I took turns with the fun!
It was so nice that they had a special area just for the little kids!
Beach was such a great sport with the them!
The girls ventured out and tackled some large slides...which Zoe loved and often repeated.  I was surprised that she could do all but one (due to her size) and was all about them.
Beach and I were a bit weary of trying out our waterproof phone cases for the first time...but they were so awesome to have to capture such memories! 
The Lodge, also, provided life jackets which were a must in trying out the deeper areas!
After drying off we put on our PJ's early and ate dinner in our room.  The kids couldn't be more thrilled to have an actual bunk bed!
Ezra made me nervous when he wanted to constantly check it out!
While checking in and hearing that we were celebrating birthdays, they gave me a couple of vouchers for free ice cream...which we cashed in for some gelato that we all shared and enjoyed together!
They had a few things going on around the Lodge so we had fun taking some pictures.
The kids were adorable in wanting to wear their wolf ears around everywhere...including Ezra who wanted to match his sisters.
Story time was a riot...and by riot I mean totally crazy!  It was mad crowded and the animated show was a bit creepy and hard to understand.  They repeatedly sang about how there was nothing to be afraid of (I think it was subliminally to make the kids not scared of them).
However, most the kids loved it, including Zoe howling along at the end!
The time change that night was a bit tricky for getting them to bed (especially Ezra) but they all managed.  I was especially proud of my big boy, as it was his first time not in a crib and he stayed in his bed all night!
The next morning, our groupon included breakfast!  We got there pretty early (strongly recommended), beating the crowd.  Since our family has little practice in this area, it was great that it was buffet style (no waiting) and they could just pick and chose some things that they wanted to try!
It was thankful a success (partly do from all the special breakfast treats that they don't usually get to have)! 
Then it was back to the water park!
Ezra eased into the fun a lot sooner this time.
The girls loved playing together, especially mermaids from their first recent viewing of Little Mermaid.
To top it off a parting gift....a gift certificate to the store provided a chance for the girls to pick some rock treasures.  They loved it and I remembered how much I loved playing with similar rocks at my grandmother's house as a child.
Of course we had to take a few more pictures before we left!
And even found a wolf to hug!
We had a blast!  What a great 2, 4, 6 year-old birthday trip! I'm hoping we can do birthdays trip style in the future as well!

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