Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ready or Not Shiloh's here!

So I had to go to yet another Dr. appointment for another stress test to make sure Shiloh was still good and comfy. That went well and when they asked if I wanted them to check to see if I was any further along....of course! Hopeful that this was the case, as my body seemed to be even more ready...but alas STILL only 3 cementers dilated. Feeling a bit deflated I headed home to pick up Zoe.

However, it seemed like the contractions were getting more intense after I left and by the time I got home they were pretty strong, as in stop whatever you doing because your in to much pain (always works well with a very active toddler). I contacted my doula and she stated that she was not comfortable with me being alone at that time (and a big part of me wasn't either). So I called Beach and he got off work early to come on home.

A trip to get adjusted, to make sure everything was as good as it could be. Chiropractor said she knew I was in labor from seeing my muscles and spine, they looked completely different than they ever had. Getting Zoe to my mother. Then it was time to work on this baby! What a beautiful day in February for a walk around a lake. Walking helps with the birthing process, so off we went for countless times around the pond. I thought that this was surly better than walking around the hospital halls forever, as I did with Zoe. My doula had suggested squatting every time I had a contraction to help move things along. I'm sure I looked pretty silly, this huge prego lady having to squat every couple of minutes or so along the path, but squat I did. (This pic was after a contraction...hence actually being able to smile.)

After doing this for some time the smell of Wendy's (which usually repulses me) began to fill my noise as it was near by...I knew I was not going to be pregnant much longer....needed to take advantage of Beach and I walked there to spilt a frosty and fries. A last snack of sorts.
After walking and walking and walking, I decided we should grab a "real" bite to eat and head to the hospital to get checked in. "Where do you want to eat, Beach?" Olive Garden, what really? Hummm perhaps you missed that I was in labor. All I could think about was my water breaking right there where Beach worked for seven years. No, lets just go through the drive through at Chick-fa-la and grab a quick sandwich.

This time I was sure they would admit me to the hospital. However, when the Dr. on call (not my Dr. or my fav.) came in she was not to happy that I had not called in yet. I knew that they would say the same thing that they had a week earlier, come in as you may need the antibiotics. After a quick check, without even asking about my contractions, the Dr. stated that I had not progressed since the afternoon and was sending me home. Not even the option of staying, like they offered the last time. What??? I burst into tears. As much as I did not want to, the hormones took over and I had no control of crying right there in front of the nurse and Dr. I knew I was in labor, but when "the professionals" tell you your not, tell you to go home (even when your 41 weeks preg), it can be very confusing. I hadn't wanted to have another false alarm. Theses pains were to strong to keep having them for a long time...

I cried most of the way home, too. I had inconvenienced my mom and doula (the amazing Mandy Smith) again (She had brought all of her 6 children into town to stay with her mother-in-law, as I thought I was going to go into labor), and I just didn't understand what was going on. Beach, as he had been, was so supportive. That man sure does love me! He prepared a warm bath, complete with candles, defused relaxing oils into the air, and made needed phone calls. It's hard to relax in a tub being a large 41 weeks pregnant, but it was nice. The contractions still came though and Beach rubbed my back and shoulders to help sooth me.

My mom came to my house, with Zoe, and was prepared to stay the night, just in case. Beach also called Mandy and told her that it may be good if she came over. However, he told me that it was her idea (he knew that I would not want her to have to come if, yet again, nothing more was to happen, as it would make me feel that much worse). However, I sure an glad she did!

Even with pain, I got to give my Zoe some goodnight loving and tuck her into bed. The last night of just us. I laid back on the couch and, shortly thereafter, the pains were that much stronger. I moved to the floor so Beach and Mandy could rub oils on me and massage my back and legs. The part in-between the contractions felt heavenly, the contractions, not so much! At one point Mandy wanted me to start standing and rocking to move the baby down. This was sooo hard being in such pain and my legs could not stop shaking. Soon it was my whole body shaking and I just had to lay back down.

After a couple of hours of the very intense contractions, Mandy felt it was time to go back to the hospital, and I was sure to agree. The car ride there provided for deep painful moans, those that I remember from towards the end of Zoe's birth. Oh, no, I was also feeling sick....should I ask Beach to pull over...oh my....I think I can make it there at least.

At the check in, the lady asked me about my contractions and water breaking. "I don't know" was all I could say as I could not even think. As they wheeled me out of there I couldn't help but loudly make pained noises again...lovely for all the people waiting in the ER, I'm sure. We made it to the assessment room. Meanwhile Beach parked the car and hurried inside, only to find that they told him that he could not enter that way and would have to go around to the other entrance. When he did so he found that it was locked...a man happened to be walking by and let Beach in, otherwise he would have missed the main event.

More contractions, that my nurse allowed me to work through before checking me. "Hey, I know this nurse....ok to much pain to think." A quick check....if I'm still at 3 centimeters I'm really going to loose it! Nope, 8! What, awesome, but Mandy said not to get ahead of myself, so I thought, "Okay, this could still take a lot longer."

I need to go to the bathroom. "Just don't have the baby on the toilet," my nurse warned. POP! What was that loud sound? Mandy explained that my water just broke. Beach hurried to tell the nurses, I'm scared. The baby is coming now! More contractions, getting back on the bed. They wheeled in a huge table with much instruments...what's that?! Ok...I thought they were going to try to move me!!! No no, the baby is already crowning and here she comes. I just can't believe it. 4-5 pushes later and out she came, the nurse handed her to Beach who gave her to me. What??!!! Already, I just couldn't believe it (I had pushed for 2 hours with Zoe).
Some random Dr. that they found then came in to "deliver"...little to late. After stitching me up, my "on call" Dr. (yeah the one that sent me home), came. There was nothing really left for her to do, so she was gone pretty quickly. Fine by me.

I was blessed to have those that I really wanted to be at Shiloh's birth there, including my friend and doula Mandy (who God worked out the timing, as her husband was out of the country and she sacrificed a lot to be with us).

An amazing nurse, Natalie, to deliver Shiloh, that is a believer and shares many of the same values that I do and could understand where I was coming from.
And the most supportive and loving husband a girl could ask for. He is amazing!
Check out that big girl! Still not to big for being 8 days late! She was 21.25 inches long, which explains why I felt like she was taking up all of my insides. Shiloh just missed being a leap year baby by one hour, as she was born at 1:09am on March 1st.

I was not happy with the Dr, or the fact that I could have had Shiloh in the car (had she chosen to come 10 minutes earlier), but looking back this was such an amazing experience! Perfect in the sense that I got to labor in a way that I wanted to (walking around a lake, in my own bath, without medication, in my own home, without being hooked up to machines) and with who I wanted. Then the hospital staff didn't have time to do anything that I didn't want BUT I got to stay there a few days to recover and bond with my new precious baby girl, as nurses and staff took care of all the other details. It truly is amazing how God works all theses things out....I was wondering how he was going to do it with this one....always outdoes anything I can think of! Thank you Lord for working everything out so perfectly!


  1. I came over from Mandy's blog. She is too precious! Congratulations on your new little one. God certainly does amazing things for us!

  2. so fun getting to read your birth story! amazing how all of the details work out :)