Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our first outing

I made it through our first outing today (besides the Dr.) with my two little girls (thanks to help from my mom!).
This was a huge difference for me than last time around. Zoe was so miserable as an infant, and me as well, that to take her anywhere for weeks seemed out of the question, much less at one week old.

The warm beautiful weather made for an awesome time. Poor Zoe was ready for a nap when we pulled out of the driveway. This made her want to stay in her stroller the whole time (which has NEVER happened before) but also more scared of the animals. She often shakes her head and says, "Unn like it," meaning she doesn't like something. This was her response in seeing all of the animals today, sigh. (She also did not want her picture taken...can you tell?)
Shiloh stayed snuggled up in the moby wrap. Perfectly content almost the whole time, very familiar to her as that was close to the position she had always been in (except upside down). I think I like caring her better this way!
The ride home...not so great...Shiloh screamed the whole time as I think she was a bit warm and ready to eat. Zoe, not to be outdone, continued to insist on seeing the Tiger. We had seen one earlier but I later realized that the tiger she was referring to was the one we hurried past in our crying exit. The statue animal that she could get on...she just didn't understand why she did not get to see her favorite one...oh well...maybe next time!

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