Saturday, March 24, 2012

Body Image

"My body is amazing!" I announced to Beach after my shower last night. "Are you being sarcastic?" (He knows me quite well and how I have always struggled with body imagine...and how this could come out of my mouth when I was still wearing all my "big clothes" was a mystery to him, as I have never said such when I've been a lot smaller size!)

But, yes....I have an amazing body! Not because it can run miles on in, or work out hard core for quite some time. Not because it can teach workout classes at the gym and be pretty competitive with such....not because it looks cute in my in fact I'm not doing any of those things right now...and not sure I even could.

My body is amazing for such a different reason. It produces life, grows and creates another human being inside of me and then sustains it with nothing but milk I produce for months. How amazing is that and our Creator for designing such a thing and knitting my amazing Shiloh together! May I focus on that instead of the scale and how I look in my clothes!
My grandmother happened to see me an email tonight after I wrote this post with a video clip on just this subject. It is pretty should check it out!

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