Sunday, March 18, 2012

Zoo Day

I was thinking that with all the other St. Patty's day activities that the zoo would not be to crazy this Sat. Well....I was way wrong but it was at least nice to be able to go as a whole family.

Don't get me took the whole morning and a few break downs before we got out of the house but it was nice once we actually got into the zoo. Beach had Shiloh all Mobyed out, so she was good.

It was close to nap time for Zoe so she was content to be in the stroller. Fun times. Except when she got out to wrestle the "tiger"...

and to ride the tram (which we told her was a train and she seemed to enjoy).
Beach and I did too!

Plus I was able to actually feed Shiloh when she needed it. While in the garden I found a nice hide out spot. Something I really would not have felt comfortable with during Zoe's infancy but thankful that I can let it go more now!
A great trip with our new growing family!

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