Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hospital Retreat

After we finally made it to the hospital, I felt that my time there was a sweet one, time to bond with my precious newborn. It was as if I got an extra night, too, as Shiloh was born at 1am.  It was wonderful (if you don't count all the times the staff wakes you up for fun things like drawing your blood at 3:30 in the morning) to just hold and get to know this new little life outside of the womb.  No worrying about cleaning, what was for dinner, my to do list or care taking Zo.  All I had to do was rest and snuggle!    

Zoe liked my "bracelet"

Here's to hoping we won't have too many of these faces.
I was so excited to have Zoe come visit (she loudly come down the hall with her new big sister shirt that my mom had gotten her - she was so cute) and introducing her to her new sister.  How I pray that they will be good friends for years to come!

Zoe LOVES to kiss Shiloh! (Shiloh likes it sometimes)

The cousins finally all together!  Hello world!
I love how Beach adores his girls, and Shiloh is no different.  He is an amazing man and now an amazing father.  How blessed am I to have such a partner for this journey.  I'm so glad I got to capture a few of theses pictures of some of their first days together!

I wonder if she will be a "daddy's girl"....looks like she is off to a good start on that one!
Had to have a pink bow shot!

And away we go....look out world another Loveland is headed your way!

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