Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wonderful Saturday at home!

How I love Saturdays where Beach is home and we have the whole family together. We, of course, start off with a yummy breakfast. My hubby is such an amazing servant to make omelets and lattes for me each morning. Zoe got to have her own "coffee" this morning. she really did LOVE it! And was very excited to have her own!

Between all the cleaning that has to get caught up on and the many feedings...we managed to take a nice walk in the neighborhood. Gotta love spring and the beautiful weather. Shiloh enjoyed the closeness of her daddy and didn't make a peep the whole hour.

We enjoyed reminiscing how two years ago we had just moved in to our new home and walked and walked our neighborhood hills to encourage our overdue daughter to come see our beautiful world.

Zoe enjoys such now too!
Bath day...Shiloh is now enjoying such in her ducky bathtub. Love that cute face. Realizing that after dad shaved all his facial hair off this week that this little one looks a lot like him!
Nothing like snuggling with a clean newborn. A great way to end a fabulous day!

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