Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Little blessing surprises

It can be very overwhelming having two little ones that desperately want your attention, very overwhelming.

However, I have been blessed this week to have Beach or my mom able to stay with me to help us all with this transition. As well as food from our amazing church body...truly displaying His hands and feet.
Also, there are often fun surprise that pop up in the mail. Today I got some nice treats that really brought hope into my day.

A beautiful, encouraging card/letter from the nurse that ended up delivering Shiloh (the Dr. didn't make it in time...which was actually a good thing). She was so supportive of everything we wanted and a true blessing from the Lord. How beautiful is this! Also the note she wrote was even more beautiful to my soul!
I, also, received within an hour a couple of beautiful bouquets of flowers. I will ignore the fact that they were delivered during my short nap time by ringing the bell several times. Luckily it only woke me up and not the little ones.
I will try to stay present, not thinking ahead and getting panicky with anxiety, and remember the little things and how much God takes care of us!


  1. You are so right sweet Jessica. Take one moment at a time resting in the palm of the God that loves you even more than you can comprehend. He will fill you with his spirit to enable you to do all things through him. What a blessing to have been able to serve and love on you the last two days. Only wish that I could have more days to give but I will in the near future. (spring break it coming-yeah!) You will be in my thoughts and my prayers daily. I love you and am so proud of the wonderful mommy you are. You are always in his grip!

  2. The transition to two is hard, but it will become second nature so quickly. It sounds like you have an awesome church and family. Hang in there!

    1. Thanks so much Bethany...I do, and I am very blessed for such!