Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lions and Tigers and....Walking?... oh my!

So we got an awesome gift from my mom of a zoo pass for Zoe's birthday. Zoe LOVES dogs so much that I knew it would be something our whole family could enjoy. With temps in the low 80s it was just perfect for our first trip while Beach's parents were down visiting from MI (where it had snow the day they left).
I loved seeing Zoe's reactions and joy to the day. She appeared to be studding much at these new creatures. I feel I got glimpses of her personality emerging at different points.
When a gorilla came charging down the hill to the window (which seemed to scare the couple of adults that were standing there), Zoe did not appear concerned but continued to want to get closer.
She, also, attempted to pick up the iguana, but luckily there was glass between them.
When in the barn area, Zoe loved watching the goats get feed. Laughing at how close they would get to her face. I think they were her favorite animal.
However, after being carried around for sometime, she demanded to get down. Walking was her greatest joy. She would only want to hold on to one person's finger at a time, two hands were to much and none were to scary. So she walked for well over an hour and I loved every second of it!
"You coming guys?"
A way we go until next time...

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